Sunday, 14 September 2014

5 Places in Norwich that Make The Perfect Sunday

As a gal from Norwich, I thought it was about time I shared on Eternal Sunday the things I enjoy about where I live and what 3 spots I would stop off at for a Relaxing Sunday in my City.

1. It's all about a big breakfast. Cafe No.33 is a sweet little eatery that serves up one heck of an English Breakfast - and delicious cakes! - amongst many other treats and is usually my Sunday spot for a big ol' breakfast. (Check out this previous post for visuals of the amazing food *drools*) A special mention also goes out to The Waffle House, because their waffles are what's up! 

2. Norwich Cathedral. It's time to walk things off with a little stroll down to possibly my favourite landmark in Norwich, mainly for the peacefulness and pretty blossom trees, the Cathedral. Adam and I enjoy a sit down in the Autumn sun within the gated Cathedral or maybe snapping a few outfit shots for the blog. 

3. The Plantation Gardens. Another gem of Norwich that you'll usually find me at is these gardens. The once chalk quarry was owned by a Norwich cabinet maker and was virtually abandoned after the war. It's since been restored with all Victorian features back to all its botanical glory.

4. The Forum. With the chillier months drawing in, I can't get enough of a good hot chocolate - swimming with marshmallows! Norwich forum has a lovely cafe that make the yummiest hot chocolate and I'm a massive fan of going all out with cream and gooey marshmallows! The building is completely made of glass, so you can sit and sip whilst having a peek at the Norwich skyline.

5. The Lanes. Fun fact? The Norwich Lanes are in the running for the best on the Great British High-street of the Year Awards. I love a little wander around the Lanes on my way home and checking out all the gems in the charity & antique stores in case I spot anything that takes my fancy.

At this point, I'll usually head home, stick on a movie and eat my bodyweight in goodies. Because, its getting colder and I can hide them extra pounds with extra layers. ;)

What do you love about your city?

E x



  1. Ah! Im a Norwich Girl too! Nice to find a fellow blogger from the gorgeous city!!

  2. Always a pleasure to come by another Norwich Lady! I'll be sure to check out your blog :) x


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