Sunday, 28 September 2014

The Weekly Highlights

Once again, it's time to note down the best bits from the past week. 7 days worth of highlights have been duly noted and reduced down to my top 3. I'm talking anything from fashion, food, blogging, videos - the lotSo, lets kick things off with this weeks list...

1. Autumnal Make-up.
Rusty-Red Shadow Selections and Berry Lips have been popping up all over my Blog and Youtube feed this week and I loove it. Now, I'm no beauty maven (although I do like to think I'm a trier!) and everyday neutral make-up is definitely my thing, but Vivianna Does Makeup put up an awesome little Autumn Edit that has left a need for a bold berry lip & red toned shadows (which apparently would suit my green eyes? Bonus) Watch this space...& Anna's video.

2. The Worktop.
A new addition to my Youtube Subscription box is DIY/Cooking channel The Worktop. The channel is a recent launch for Aslan (whom you may recognize from Essie Buttons Vlog Channel) and it's awesome - not to mention the crazy editing skills. Adam and I often watch their vlogs together and he's always thought it would be cool if Aslan had his own channel, so he's all over his videos. His first video of "3 Sweet Breakfasts" is super easy to follow and all of the ingredients are likely to already be in your kitchen cupboards! French Toast, anyone?

3. Bedtime Prep.
Collapsing into bed has been made 100x sweeter this week with the return of my Lush Wiccy Magic Muscles Body Bar and This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray combo (Little post review, here)
In Autumn/Winter a lot of berry or spiced scents make their way into my evening routine in the form of thicker body butters, candles and sprays, but these two products always send me into the deepest slumber known to man! (More details to come in the form of an Autumn Evening Routine post!)


Saturday, 27 September 2014

How To Fill Your House on A Budget

A few months ago I posted a little sneek peek into my living space and since we've now been in our lovely house for a few months,we've added to our interior. So today we're having a bit of a 'show and tell', if you will? Showcasing a few of the bits we've snapped up for next to nothing, some top tips for furniture hunting, and there's even the odd piece we've picked up for free:

Top Tips:

- Gumtree is your friend. You may have to stalk the site for a few weeks to find what your after, but you'll reep the rewards. (In our case- It was our kitchen table at the bargain price of £20!)

- Look beyond what you see. Upholstering can be half the fun!

- Ask around. Your friends moving house? Neighbours moving out? Be cheeky and have a rummage around what goodies are being left behind.

- Keep a look out. Where we live in Norwich, there are plenty of cutesy terrace houses filled with vintage gems and people moving in and out with removal vans filled to the brim. Around our streets things are often left out for people to take, if they so wish. Like it? Grab it! 

- Watch the prices drop. That side table in the sale that would look awesome in your bedroom? The price will probably drop in a week - be patient, my friend.

Vintage Barbers Chair - Gifted by a lovley friend.

Floor Standing Lamp £19.99 from The Futon Company - They have great Sale reductions!

Super comfy sofa - £90 from Gumtree. (The lady happened to live opposite Adams old place and held onto it for us! and knocked down the price - result.)

Hexagon Mirror - Free from movers on our street! A little clean up and it's the perfect centre piece for our living room. It opens up the room and you can check yourself out before you leave the house. If you want...

Drop Leaf Dining Table - Gumtree. £20. The lovely lady even delivered it to us free of charge. We're in the process of sanding it down, re-painting and staining. Post to come on this soon!

Let me know if you've also had some great finds! I've become a bit of a hunter...

E x


Sunday, 21 September 2014

One For The Food Lovers: Borough Market

Having a ridiculously sweet tooth, can be a burden sometimes, and a slight whiff of a doughnut sends my stomach into overdrive. So, it's hard to believe that I have yet to hit up Borough Market to see what goodies they have on offer, until last week, that is. Adam and I just so happened to take a wander to the glorious food market in London last week to see what was on offer and as today is Borough Markets 1000th Birthday - HURRAH! - what a perfect excuse to share some snaps of the food we sought out! On our little stop off at Borough Market it became clear that the dilemma was less about figuring out what food you're going to fill your handbag with and more about deciding which delicious food you're sadly going to be leaving behind for next time. Happy Birthday Borough Market - I can't wait for next time...

If you have any other food market recommendations - send them my way!

E x


Saturday, 20 September 2014

The Weekly Highlights

Once again, it's time to note down the best bits from the past week. 7 days worth of highlights have been duly noted and reduced down to my top 3. I'm talking anything from fashion, food, blogging, videos - the lot. So, lets kick things off with this weeks list...

1. London, Baby.
On Wednesday, Adam and I took off for a day in London! A day out was well overdue, and I had a long shopping list in hand. Great food was consumed (A Burrito at Southbank - I'd been dreaming of it for weeks), money was spent (Expect to see the what was bought filtering through Eternal Sunday, A bit of a staggered HAUL, if you will? £££), and the day ended with me napping on the train journey home, of course.

2. Yoga With Adrienne.
As you may know, I've recently been enjoying some yoga sessions via Youtube! An awesome way to get a work out in the comfort of my living room. Well, with YWA Newsletter has just been re-introduced and I'm loving my weekly drop in my email box. It's full of empowering/motivational substance from Adrienne and really encourages you to keep strong! Subscribe here, if you (like me) need a gentle nudge to wake up your body and get back on the mat! 

3. Stockholm Streetstyle.
My love for this blog is plenty-full, as it's already been linked up in my Scandinavia Fix post, but I just had to mention it again. I really enjoy fashion posts that need no caption and the outfits themselves speak volumes, and Stockholm Streetstyle does just that. No need for fancy words and quips - just pure unadulterated style. 

E x

Thursday, 18 September 2014

London Fashion Week Top Picks

Hands up if you've been keeping one eye on London Fashion Week? *raises own hand* I've been watching live streams of certain shows from the comfort of my sofa - but boy do I wish I was lucky enough to attend! (even though I do enjoy the whole joggers baggy t-shirt combo I've got going on) Asfashion does appear on this blog, it seems ludicrous not too include a few of my best bits from the collections that hit LFW...
You'll notice that a lot of the pieces that have made my top picks are mostly monochrome with classic cuts and generally are oversized. (no major surprise here) Catwalk looks that are bold and flamboyant are great, but just not my cup of tea (blasphemy!) and these pieces truly are wearable, straight from the runway...

Christopher Raeburn


Margaret Howell

Regina Pyo

Any awesome collections that I should check out? Let me know!

E x

Sunday, 14 September 2014

5 Places in Norwich that Make The Perfect Sunday

As a gal from Norwich, I thought it was about time I shared on Eternal Sunday the things I enjoy about where I live and what 3 spots I would stop off at for a Relaxing Sunday in my City.

1. It's all about a big breakfast. Cafe No.33 is a sweet little eatery that serves up one heck of an English Breakfast - and delicious cakes! - amongst many other treats and is usually my Sunday spot for a big ol' breakfast. (Check out this previous post for visuals of the amazing food *drools*) A special mention also goes out to The Waffle House, because their waffles are what's up! 

2. Norwich Cathedral. It's time to walk things off with a little stroll down to possibly my favourite landmark in Norwich, mainly for the peacefulness and pretty blossom trees, the Cathedral. Adam and I enjoy a sit down in the Autumn sun within the gated Cathedral or maybe snapping a few outfit shots for the blog. 

3. The Plantation Gardens. Another gem of Norwich that you'll usually find me at is these gardens. The once chalk quarry was owned by a Norwich cabinet maker and was virtually abandoned after the war. It's since been restored with all Victorian features back to all its botanical glory.

4. The Forum. With the chillier months drawing in, I can't get enough of a good hot chocolate - swimming with marshmallows! Norwich forum has a lovely cafe that make the yummiest hot chocolate and I'm a massive fan of going all out with cream and gooey marshmallows! The building is completely made of glass, so you can sit and sip whilst having a peek at the Norwich skyline.

5. The Lanes. Fun fact? The Norwich Lanes are in the running for the best on the Great British High-street of the Year Awards. I love a little wander around the Lanes on my way home and checking out all the gems in the charity & antique stores in case I spot anything that takes my fancy.

At this point, I'll usually head home, stick on a movie and eat my bodyweight in goodies. Because, its getting colder and I can hide them extra pounds with extra layers. ;)

What do you love about your city?

E x


Saturday, 13 September 2014

The Weekly Highlights

You wouldn't usually catch a post going live on a Saturday around these parts, but this week has brought about a few changes on Eternal Sunday so every Saturday thus-forth expect a 'The Weekly Highlights' post to hit your Bloglovin' subscription boxes!  A handful of likes & loves from the past week which hopefully you guys will also enjoy having a peek at! So, lets kick things off with this weeks 3 picks...

1.  The Sound of COS.
Lernet & Sander have created a fashion film for clothing brand COS in which they imitate the sounds that clothes make with various objects and textures. I came across this unusual video over at It's Nice That and immediately thought - YES! It's such a creative way to grab peoples attention as well as showing off the lovely A/W Collection. (Any New Yorkers reading?  Check out their installation at 58 5th Avenue and plug in your earphones to have a listen!)

I discovered Katy's blog a couple of weeks back and I've been enjoying it ever since! If you love Scandinavian design (My recent post suggests I'm a sucker for it!) then this blog will be right up your alley. It's fit to burst with awesome interiors, home tours and design tips! Infact, I've found my most recently loved Danish blogs through Katy's lovley little blog. Check out her Bloglovin if you like what you see! 

3. Eternal Sunday Launch.
Of course, Eternal Sunday's layout and design has made the cut into this weeks highlights, never mind this years highlights! I'm so happy with how the reinvention of the blog has been received and all of your comments are awesome! The look really is the true representation for the blog and now that I've conquered one hurdle, I can't wait for the next...

E x

Sunday, 7 September 2014

5 Ways To Get Your Scandinavia Fix

My love for Scandinavia and Nordic design is a pretty recent occurrence, with social media and the internet being the major par-takers in making me want to fill my house to the brim with HAY, discard my entire wardrobe for Acne brand clothes and a succumb to a lifetime of debt. Want in on my newest obsessions? ....

**** BONUS - HAY has a Mini Market at Selfridges Oxford Street during the London Design Festival - ****

Their Instagram feed is an interior designers dream and lets just say if I had to fill my house with pieces from their catalogue - I'd be 100% OK with that. However, I'm pretty sure you can't purchase online (Please - tell me if I'm wrong) which is just as well as my bank balance can't afford to take that much of a hit. 

Mollie Makes' latest 'Home, Creative Spaces and Crafty Makes' edition features a bunch of interiors with 1950's and Nordic design! I love having a nosey into peoples homes (Not weird at all, right?) and the 'Home/Studio' section is the dream. It's great, visually, to see how pieces fit differently into a persons home and what is made of it. As a lady who has just moved house - I'm all up for inspiration for my creative space. (If you have the magazine - see page 109)

Scandinavian Style
Acne is at the top of the Scandi fashion game, but they can be a little on the pricey side! The muted colours, often oversized pieces, textures and sharp clean lines of Nordic fashion draw a comparison with the countries landscape and have the ability to magic most body shapes into enviably chic silhouettes. If like me, Acne is a little deeper than your purse goes and you find yourself endlessly trawling the COS website (restrain yourself, Ladies!) then here are a few blogs that you may enjoy perusing through:

Estee's recent road trip with her boyfriend Aslan around Scandinavia was awesome! My boyfriend has always wanted to travel Scandinavian style, so he also enjoyed their Vlogs! But for now, we've enjoyed the sightseeing through her eyes and the comfort of our sofa! 

E x


Thursday, 4 September 2014

Welcoming Autumn with an Oversized Sweater


With the sun slowly drifting away in the distance, I am more than happy to wave goodbye to summer and welcome Autumn with open arms - that are tucked into my lovely snug coat! Autumn is a season which always boosts my spirits and brings back happy memories along with the brisk waft of fresh air, but mostly importantly not forgetting one key element - the clothes

Ladies, layering is my favourite past time - as you may know - and wearing knit on top of knit under a chunky scarf is, if a little suffocating, my preferred uniform. At the moment its not chilly enough to go into full yeti mode and this in-between weather calls for a good basic sweater, like this ribbed offering from Topshop! (snapped above on a walk with our little guest for the week) It's something to carry around, opposed to a coat, to slip on over the top of your current outfit if things get chilly. It's not a statement piece, but I'm super pleased I've filled the void in my wardrobe. Paired with my New Balance (they had to get a mention!) I'm ready to take on Autumn.

What's your Autumn staple?

E x

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