Thursday, 28 August 2014

Restoring Balance. (AKA - I Bought New Balance Trainers)

Who remembers my post on my beloved Zara trainers titled 'The Zara Trainers That Give Nike A Run For Their Money'? (If you do, then bonus points for you!) Well, today, I'm eating my words. They broke. Oh yes, that was a sad sad day. A huge disappointment and one of the reasons I typed up my Quality Over Quantity post. SO, sticking to my guidelines, I've had a recent rush to replace the trainers that go with everything with a new investment pair that can withstand everyday wear. I already own a pair of super comfy Nike trainers so I've looked in the direction of New Balance for the new addition to my shoe stash and I've found a pair that fit the criteria perfectly.

The New Balance 620's are black, white, simple and understated! Just what the shoe hoarder ordered (and patiently waited for). I tried on a few different styles, all coming up quite narrow, but this style seemed to just fit. They are still quite slimline, but not to the point where toes are crushed, and meet my need for comfy footwear with versatile wear-ability. I love mixing up my style with a bit of smart/casual and these trainers will do just that!

I have high hopes for you, New Balance. Autumn Winter will truly be the test!

E x

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