Thursday, 21 August 2014

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Stocktake

We're going off on a bit of a tangent from the Quality Over Quantity post today and taking a deeper look into my wardrobe for it's seasonal stocktake, with the aim to add a few new additions for the coming Autumn/Winter months! (I won't deny it - I'm a winter gal) This may seem a little premature as we're only just in August, but stores are now sifting out their Summer options and stocking up on the A/W pieces that I long for! With a trip to London on the calendar soon, I've reminded myself of what thicker, longer sleeved bits I own and in turn, what pieces I'm missing to transition from 'summer' and into Autumn...

What's missing?

Classic Brenton Style Stripe Top
All my currently owned have either stretched out or faded. Booo.

Black Top
Can you believe I don't own a basic black top? Madness.

Grey Top
You'll usually find me in jeans and a basic top on a daily basis. They are great to have in your wardrobe for layering, and are relatively inexpensive.

Casual Oversized Shirt
Once again ladies, layering! Under jumpers, over tops, they look effortlessly chic.

Throw on Jumper/Sweater
We're all destined for that in-between weather that doesn't require heavy outwear, A sweater that I can just keep in my bag in case I get chilly is a must - I need them layers in my life!

Smart Lightweight Jacket
I always put together my outfits and then realise there is a gap in my jacket section of my wardrobe for a smart (possibly leather) jacket that I can layer underneath with aforementioned basic tops. It's added to the list.

Remember my post on my lovely Zara trainers? Well, they broke. So I'm eating my words when it comes to that post and they need replacing! In fact, I have a New Balance order on its way to me right now...

I hope this post might help you when taking a look at your own wardrobe in preparation for chillier times! Of course, I'm not aiming to buy these pieces all in one shopping trip - that'd be a lot of damage. All in good time...

E x

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