Sunday, 31 August 2014

Things Get Vintage in the Plantation Gardens

Since moving house, I love a bit of thrifting. Hunting for large pieces, like our sofa, or smaller unique bits and bobs to make the finishing touches to our new house! So, when I saw a flyer for a Vintage Fair at my local Plantation Gardens (AKA - my favourite place ever) I knew I had to go and have a look see. Of course, it's the perfect excuse to plaster this post with images full of vintage goodies! You're welcome...

These gardens are such a peaceful part of Norwich and you may recognize the setting as the back drop to a few of my style edits?! There is a small cafe open on the weekends for tea and cake (Need I write any more?) and Adam and I love walking down here to sit in the sun amongst the plants! (A little like our house)

How sweet are these planted tea cups? Very nearly walked away with all of them.

Lets take a moment to appreciate how awesome these vintage milk bottles are! This stall housed many vintage milk bottles and Tupperware like you'd find in your Grandparents house -  you know the kind? So basically, I'm a sucker for little storage gems! In danger of sounding like an old women - Tupperware is definetly my weakness. Are there any others like myself out there? Let's be friends...

What do you hunt for a thrift store or market? 

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  1. That place looks amazing, the perfect setting for a vintage market!! These kind of places are my favourite haunts on a saturday, just wish my boyfriend enjoyed them more!

    1. It seriously is the hidden gem of Norwich! You must convert him - Adam is already talking about hitting up a carboot! I've got a thrifter on my hands...

  2. This looks amazing! I love these vintage things especially the cute clocks :) x

    "That's groovy" blog

    1. The clocks caught our attention too - We very nearly took one home with us! x


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