Sunday, 3 August 2014

5 Things That Make The Ultimate Sunday

What happened to Sunday being a day of rest? Having a major lay in, just because? Back in the day (in danger of sounding old here) shops used to close for the day, traffic would be non-existent and people would stop and take a breather - bliss. However, even being a Sunday lover myself, I have been leaving the house on a Sunday to run a few errands or go for a wonder in the sun and I return countless hours later wondering where the day has gone. I like to completely 'Sunday out' and make the most of my very own day of rest, yano? I'll be the girl zonked out on the sofa/bed/anything horizontal. Now, I can't keep the shops from opening (Sunday shoppers, I know you're out there!) but I can let you all in on 5 activities that I make time for on a super relaxed Sunday:

1.  Reading// Nothing is better than getting lost in a good book. Sitting in the garden or on the sofa and just completely absorbing yourself in your read - take a breather people. Currently, I'm reading #GIRLBOSS - an awesome girl power kind of read from CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophie Amoruso, that has been circulating my side of the internet. Pages filled with inspirational quips about her journey from dumpster diver to #GIRLBOSS. 

2. Manicure// Nail painting is definitely a time consuming task - am I right? But I just can't resists a freshly painted mani. It may take 4 layers and a not being able to eat, drink, or go to the loo for a good 30 minutes - but 30 minutes out of my whole day of rest is no biggie. Who needs food anyway? (me - duh) Oh! and don't make the same mistake as me, check the washing up before you start...#smudgecity 

3. Netflix// Now of course not everyone has the wonders of Netflix but I'm talking movies, boxsets, cartoons - the lot. Sunday film time in this house is usually a pick from the anime section (A favourite of Adams - What a big kid!) or if I'm holding the remote a personal favourite of mine is re-runs of a good boxset. At the moment I'm all about the loveable Gilmore Girls. Oh! and a side order of snacks please...

4. Bath// During the week there never seems enough time in my schedule to indulge in a steaming hot bath, the kind of bath that requires candles, lush products and temperatures so hot that there is a pretty hight potential of passing out - but there is always time for this bath time on a Sunday. Go all out with your lotions and potions, hit play on your playlist and soak in the ridiculously hot waters.

5. Exercise// Hold the phone! Exercise? It's not what you think. I'm talking an evening walk or a leisurely bike ride (I've since learnt, there is no such thing) and not a trip to the gym. (Yoga on Youtube is my goal - I'm yet to start.) So when I'm not exercise procrastinating, I love heading out on my bike with Adam or wandering to the botanical gardens near our house, getting a bit of fresh air at some point in the day is obviously a great thing, but it also stops me from from fidgeting when it gets to 9pm.! Yes...I'm a child.

What 5 activities make the cut into your day of rest? 

E x



  1. love lazy sundays, nice post!
    I've nominated you for the Liebster award, follow the link for the rules and your questions :)
    Mary x

    1. Sundays are the best, arnt they? I'm glad you found it a nice read :)

      Thankyou, I'll check it out! That's so kind :) x

  2. i love a lazy sunday! i also have been indulging in some gilmore girls marathons - its getting me excited for fall!

    1. Tell me about it! They've just started re-runs on the tv for the beginning, so I'm indulging all over again! :)


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