Thursday, 14 August 2014

3 Fashion Bloggers

If you're ever around these parts on a Thursday then you'll already expect to see some form of fashion edit - We're talking ootd, trend guides and some summer styling. But today I'm taking a step back and focusing today's post on 3 lovelies who's fashion posts are some of my absolute favourites to browse through - major photo envy here - and send me off into my own boosted beehive, kitten flat, walk in wardrobe filled dream world. Thanks, Ladies...

This girl. Between her sharp and stylish photography and adorable banner (You spot the burger and fries?) her blog is a pastel filled dream. Her travel posts are some of my favourites - fantastic scenes, food porn and a good ol' style edit all rolled into one. She knows how to strike a pose (sorry, Madonna) like no other and as a gal that's yet to get stuck in snapping away in public - I aspire to produce images for my blog that look as dreamy. If you're after an uplifting boost to your day-check out WishWishWish for fun times! 

Not only does Patricia have a sweet blog, her Youtube is awesome. Seriously - Haul videos and styling galore. I adore her sense of humour and I'm constantly laughing throughout her videos - I get ya girl! Her street style images found on her blog are insane. Once again, I love her travel posts (Living vicariously through others here) and I'd happily raid the contents of her wardrobe. How about it, Patricia?

I'm not a gal who sports a well made beehive or flippy 60's dresses, but Liv wears it so well. London is her backdrop for her amazingly shot snaps and her Bloglovin feed? FULL of classic cuts and pretty prints. Not to mention she bakes too - Oh hello Cinnamon Sugar Donuts! Take a peek at her site for all of the above (or hit up her recent d├ębut to Youtube - super excited for this) because my rambling words really don't do much...

Which fashion fab ladies are making you swoon over their clobber? I'm always in the market for more reading content...and to add to my shopping list. D'oh.

E x

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