Sunday, 31 August 2014

Things Get Vintage in the Plantation Gardens

Since moving house, I love a bit of thrifting. Hunting for large pieces, like our sofa, or smaller unique bits and bobs to make the finishing touches to our new house! So, when I saw a flyer for a Vintage Fair at my local Plantation Gardens (AKA - my favourite place ever) I knew I had to go and have a look see. Of course, it's the perfect excuse to plaster this post with images full of vintage goodies! You're welcome...

These gardens are such a peaceful part of Norwich and you may recognize the setting as the back drop to a few of my style edits?! There is a small cafe open on the weekends for tea and cake (Need I write any more?) and Adam and I love walking down here to sit in the sun amongst the plants! (A little like our house)

How sweet are these planted tea cups? Very nearly walked away with all of them.

Lets take a moment to appreciate how awesome these vintage milk bottles are! This stall housed many vintage milk bottles and Tupperware like you'd find in your Grandparents house -  you know the kind? So basically, I'm a sucker for little storage gems! In danger of sounding like an old women - Tupperware is definetly my weakness. Are there any others like myself out there? Let's be friends...

What do you hunt for a thrift store or market? 

E x


Thursday, 28 August 2014

Restoring Balance. (AKA - I Bought New Balance Trainers)

Who remembers my post on my beloved Zara trainers titled 'The Zara Trainers That Give Nike A Run For Their Money'? (If you do, then bonus points for you!) Well, today, I'm eating my words. They broke. Oh yes, that was a sad sad day. A huge disappointment and one of the reasons I typed up my Quality Over Quantity post. SO, sticking to my guidelines, I've had a recent rush to replace the trainers that go with everything with a new investment pair that can withstand everyday wear. I already own a pair of super comfy Nike trainers so I've looked in the direction of New Balance for the new addition to my shoe stash and I've found a pair that fit the criteria perfectly.

The New Balance 620's are black, white, simple and understated! Just what the shoe hoarder ordered (and patiently waited for). I tried on a few different styles, all coming up quite narrow, but this style seemed to just fit. They are still quite slimline, but not to the point where toes are crushed, and meet my need for comfy footwear with versatile wear-ability. I love mixing up my style with a bit of smart/casual and these trainers will do just that!

I have high hopes for you, New Balance. Autumn Winter will truly be the test!

E x

Sunday, 24 August 2014

Sunday Yoga Practice

If you follow me over on Twitter or Instagram then you'll know that recently I've been practising a bit of Yoga, and things are off to a good start! (Above we're going with a cross-legged experience, because I underestimated the difficulty in snapping Yoga positions!) As a gal that doesn't venture to the gym that often (ever!) I've been looking for a way to get a little bit of gentle exercise into my routine, other than my usual walking or biking and I've found that Yoga is the perfect practise for me, not just for my body, but for piece of mind and some time with myself too. 
I've been practising via Youtube channel ''Yoga With Adriene'', and the classes are awesome! Adriene explains every step so you're not constantly having to crank your neck to check out the screen and for the more relaxing classes, her voice is super calming. So, what better time to #findwhatfeelsgood and enjoy a bit of Yoga than a relaxing Sunday?

Here's a few classes I've added to my playlist (Clickable Links):

Yoga For Butt and Thighs (Revisiting this one lots to get the positions down!)

So, you're looking for a way to enjoy Yoga in the comfort of your own home (Seriously, I wear my pj's), or just want some time with your inner self - check out Adriene's channel! She's got tonnes of playlists to suit everyone. 

E x

Thursday, 21 August 2014

Autumn/Winter Wardrobe Stocktake

We're going off on a bit of a tangent from the Quality Over Quantity post today and taking a deeper look into my wardrobe for it's seasonal stocktake, with the aim to add a few new additions for the coming Autumn/Winter months! (I won't deny it - I'm a winter gal) This may seem a little premature as we're only just in August, but stores are now sifting out their Summer options and stocking up on the A/W pieces that I long for! With a trip to London on the calendar soon, I've reminded myself of what thicker, longer sleeved bits I own and in turn, what pieces I'm missing to transition from 'summer' and into Autumn...

What's missing?

Classic Brenton Style Stripe Top
All my currently owned have either stretched out or faded. Booo.

Black Top
Can you believe I don't own a basic black top? Madness.

Grey Top
You'll usually find me in jeans and a basic top on a daily basis. They are great to have in your wardrobe for layering, and are relatively inexpensive.

Casual Oversized Shirt
Once again ladies, layering! Under jumpers, over tops, they look effortlessly chic.

Throw on Jumper/Sweater
We're all destined for that in-between weather that doesn't require heavy outwear, A sweater that I can just keep in my bag in case I get chilly is a must - I need them layers in my life!

Smart Lightweight Jacket
I always put together my outfits and then realise there is a gap in my jacket section of my wardrobe for a smart (possibly leather) jacket that I can layer underneath with aforementioned basic tops. It's added to the list.

Remember my post on my lovely Zara trainers? Well, they broke. So I'm eating my words when it comes to that post and they need replacing! In fact, I have a New Balance order on its way to me right now...

I hope this post might help you when taking a look at your own wardrobe in preparation for chillier times! Of course, I'm not aiming to buy these pieces all in one shopping trip - that'd be a lot of damage. All in good time...

E x

Sunday, 17 August 2014

Origins: Mega Mushroom

You know the deal when it comes to me and Origins, So lets swiftly move past the fact that not a skincare post goes by without a little mention and on to my latest loves from the brand in the form of 2 miniatures from the Dr. Andrew Weil Mega Mushroom Skin Relief range.
At the beginning of the year, I indulged in a complimentary facial at an Origins counter and that's when I had my first fix of this range - I say fix, because I'm hooked. The range is designed for us ladies who's skin craves calm and a little redness TLC, making no make up days less red faced. So, I was lucky enough to receive an email to pick up a months worth of their Soothing Treatment Lotion and Advanced Face Serum and honestly, they are the perfect power couple. 
Used together AM and PM (note: I skip the toner in the mornings) my skin has been left looking well rested with only a slight hint of the redness that used to set up home on my cheeks. After just a month of use so far, things can only keep getting better, right? 

A special note goes out to the serum as its absolutely awesome. Definitely my favourite product of the whole range and the most effective product for my personal skincare routine. Now just to sort them pesky blemish scars...

But Origins, you've done it again. *round of applause*

E x

Thursday, 14 August 2014

3 Fashion Bloggers

If you're ever around these parts on a Thursday then you'll already expect to see some form of fashion edit - We're talking ootd, trend guides and some summer styling. But today I'm taking a step back and focusing today's post on 3 lovelies who's fashion posts are some of my absolute favourites to browse through - major photo envy here - and send me off into my own boosted beehive, kitten flat, walk in wardrobe filled dream world. Thanks, Ladies...

This girl. Between her sharp and stylish photography and adorable banner (You spot the burger and fries?) her blog is a pastel filled dream. Her travel posts are some of my favourites - fantastic scenes, food porn and a good ol' style edit all rolled into one. She knows how to strike a pose (sorry, Madonna) like no other and as a gal that's yet to get stuck in snapping away in public - I aspire to produce images for my blog that look as dreamy. If you're after an uplifting boost to your day-check out WishWishWish for fun times! 

Not only does Patricia have a sweet blog, her Youtube is awesome. Seriously - Haul videos and styling galore. I adore her sense of humour and I'm constantly laughing throughout her videos - I get ya girl! Her street style images found on her blog are insane. Once again, I love her travel posts (Living vicariously through others here) and I'd happily raid the contents of her wardrobe. How about it, Patricia?

I'm not a gal who sports a well made beehive or flippy 60's dresses, but Liv wears it so well. London is her backdrop for her amazingly shot snaps and her Bloglovin feed? FULL of classic cuts and pretty prints. Not to mention she bakes too - Oh hello Cinnamon Sugar Donuts! Take a peek at her site for all of the above (or hit up her recent d├ębut to Youtube - super excited for this) because my rambling words really don't do much...

Which fashion fab ladies are making you swoon over their clobber? I'm always in the market for more reading content...and to add to my shopping list. D'oh.

E x

Sunday, 10 August 2014

The Coffee Lovers Brownie

Baking is never something I thought I'd be sharing on this blog, because simply...I don't bake. Just sayin' it how it is here people. I've never been a gal you'll find in the kitchen (unless I'm hunting for food) and my sweet tooth has always been satisfied by my previous house mates baked goods (dream). But recently I've found myself rummaging for baking tins and whipping up a few recipes - much to my mothers surprise - and so far, soooo good.

I'm aiming for star baker this week, with a Mary Berry recipe at hand and a very eager boyfriend wanting his coffee fix in the form of these super tasty brownies.

Want in on this gooey goodness?


* 375g plain chocolate, broken into pieces
* 250g baking margarine
* 2 tsp instant coffee
* 2 tbsp hot water
* 2 eggs
* 250g caster sugar
* 1 tsp vanilla extract
* 90g self-raising flour
* 175g walnut pieces
* 250g plain chocolate chips

The method is pretty simple to follow - hell, I managed it - so if you're thinking about getting into the GBBO spirit then - have I mentioned these are super gooey? The batch I made is quickly being consumed (I am eating one whilst I type this) and I'm setting my sights on bigger bakes to come! But with that, I'm going to go and grab another...

Happy Baking!

E x

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Quality Over Quantity

Since my recent purchase of this Whistles tee and completely falling in love with the softness and luxurious feel of the fabric, I've been reconsidering things. I'm a sucker for thinking I have to fill all the empty spots in my wardrobe with pieces I'm yet to own all at once, this usually results in buying in quantity and not investing in quality. As you may well know, I'm a lover of basics and you will usually find me in a grey t-shirt and jeans, so I figured why not put a little more money into buying one basic item once a month or so that I know is great quality, rather than 3 or 4 items that might not last as well. So, I've created a check list (hereafter called the "5 point rule") that all said items must meet in order to  justify spending my hard earn't pennies to a purchase:

1// The item must be timeless, classic and a piece that won't go quickly out of trend. 
      (You can bet it'll be black, white, or grey. Standard Emily.)

2// The item must fit nicely within the others that are already in my collection, meaning high 

3// The item must be of quality and able to go the distance. (Chances are, I'll be living in it!)

4// Do I own something similar already?

5// Is it love? Yes, yes, YES!

I can't wait for all the A/W lines to hit stores (I know, I'm a bit premature) so I can start putting my list to good use. Winter clothes are most wearable for me out of all the seasons - layering, knits, wooly get up - the lot. Somebody stop me...

E x


Sunday, 3 August 2014

5 Things That Make The Ultimate Sunday

What happened to Sunday being a day of rest? Having a major lay in, just because? Back in the day (in danger of sounding old here) shops used to close for the day, traffic would be non-existent and people would stop and take a breather - bliss. However, even being a Sunday lover myself, I have been leaving the house on a Sunday to run a few errands or go for a wonder in the sun and I return countless hours later wondering where the day has gone. I like to completely 'Sunday out' and make the most of my very own day of rest, yano? I'll be the girl zonked out on the sofa/bed/anything horizontal. Now, I can't keep the shops from opening (Sunday shoppers, I know you're out there!) but I can let you all in on 5 activities that I make time for on a super relaxed Sunday:

1.  Reading// Nothing is better than getting lost in a good book. Sitting in the garden or on the sofa and just completely absorbing yourself in your read - take a breather people. Currently, I'm reading #GIRLBOSS - an awesome girl power kind of read from CEO of Nasty Gal, Sophie Amoruso, that has been circulating my side of the internet. Pages filled with inspirational quips about her journey from dumpster diver to #GIRLBOSS. 

2. Manicure// Nail painting is definitely a time consuming task - am I right? But I just can't resists a freshly painted mani. It may take 4 layers and a not being able to eat, drink, or go to the loo for a good 30 minutes - but 30 minutes out of my whole day of rest is no biggie. Who needs food anyway? (me - duh) Oh! and don't make the same mistake as me, check the washing up before you start...#smudgecity 

3. Netflix// Now of course not everyone has the wonders of Netflix but I'm talking movies, boxsets, cartoons - the lot. Sunday film time in this house is usually a pick from the anime section (A favourite of Adams - What a big kid!) or if I'm holding the remote a personal favourite of mine is re-runs of a good boxset. At the moment I'm all about the loveable Gilmore Girls. Oh! and a side order of snacks please...

4. Bath// During the week there never seems enough time in my schedule to indulge in a steaming hot bath, the kind of bath that requires candles, lush products and temperatures so hot that there is a pretty hight potential of passing out - but there is always time for this bath time on a Sunday. Go all out with your lotions and potions, hit play on your playlist and soak in the ridiculously hot waters.

5. Exercise// Hold the phone! Exercise? It's not what you think. I'm talking an evening walk or a leisurely bike ride (I've since learnt, there is no such thing) and not a trip to the gym. (Yoga on Youtube is my goal - I'm yet to start.) So when I'm not exercise procrastinating, I love heading out on my bike with Adam or wandering to the botanical gardens near our house, getting a bit of fresh air at some point in the day is obviously a great thing, but it also stops me from from fidgeting when it gets to 9pm.! Yes...I'm a child.

What 5 activities make the cut into your day of rest? 

E x

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