Friday, 4 July 2014

We've Hit 6 Months! WOAH!

I can't believe that I started my little corner of the internet back in January and now I'm writing a post in celebration of hitting it's first milestone. A 'birthday', if you will. You can celebrate a 6 month Birthday - Right? Well, let the celebrations commence!

Towards the end of last year the thought of setting up my own blog was constant, I had a tiny reading list of great blogs that I'd been drawn to through various social media (the list is ever growing) and through the joy of reading their awesome websites, I got the bloggers fever - It happens to the best of us. A little bit of research into the most user friendly sites (technophobic here) to help get set up, took my laptop into hand and got typing! Now there are a cluster of you that follow me over on Bloglovin, with many a sweet comment left on my posts here or over on Instagram and the thought of you guys enjoying what I post and taking the time to have a read really does make my day. I am so grateful for every one of you that Subscribes after starting this blog 6 months ago on a dismal January afternoon, and it sure was the best decision I've made, I just can't explain how much enjoyment I get from it. From the writing, to the design and even getting to grips with the odd pose for a photo here and there - I'm still working on that - This is my creative space that I love sharing with you all and all I can hope is that it grows into something even more awesome! (Currently working on a little blog re-vamp that I happened to post about)

SO! As well as a few little gifts to myself (That's only right, right?) I've decided to launch my very first GIVEAWAY! I'm super happy to give a little something back to you guys to show my appreciation of how bloody awesome you all are! 
Fancy winning some goodies? Click back this afternoon for a post with all the details you'll need!

I'm off to eat a generous amount of cake.
See you this afternoon for the details of the giveaway!

E x


    These pictures are super duper cute! :)
    Congratulations :D

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

  2. Thank you so much! The temptation to eat the muffin was unreal. Haha! :) x


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