Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Ripped Denim Short

 Finding the perfect short for a gal like me - big butt, long legs - is a task for the most part, made 10x more trying by all the different fits available. Showing cheek is unavoidable when 'high-waisted' for me tends to mean they just about cover the goods, (hello, pear shaped ladies) and I obviously try to avoid this at all costs.
So, talking about cost (lets move the butt talk to one side) let me introduce you to my £30.00 exception to the rule in the form of some denim from Topshop. Worth every penny for each inch of denim that covers my dignity...(Melodramatic I am not - right?)

The 'Hallie' fit is the perfect on trend ripped short that offers a 'hot-pant' style and a slight high-waist. I picked up a size larger than I usually would because they were a little tight around the thighs and I knew I'd want to keep things moveable and comfy! After wear they are a little too loose to rock a high-waist unless belted, now converting them to move of a boyfriend fit, but hey - it works. They are the best denim short offering that I have come by and the bonus is that they can be styled with slouchy t-shirts for daytime wear or with a strappy smarter number for evenings in the sun - This is what I'm banking on.

Have you picked up a pair for yourself? They are proving pretty popular...

E x


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