Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Review: Empty Products

It seems as though I've been trying out a lot of products of late, if the huge H&M bag full of empty containers is anything to go by, so I'm shining the light - if not dull bedroom lighting - on a lucky few with a short and sweet smelling product round up...

Soap and Glory is a brand I've been into for yonks, as I'm sure you are too, and their body washes are just ah-may-zing, and the best thing? The bottles last forever, right down to the last pump. 'Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash' is a citrus/limey scent that does more than it's fair share of waking me up in my morning shower. On the flip side, 'Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel' is (as the name suggests) a creamy shower gel that feels like its nourishing and moisturising my body. If I'm lucky enough to have both on the go I keep one for mornings and one for evenings! 3-4-2 at boots? I'd better stock up...

We're talking holy grail products right here in the form of a silky penetrating hair oil. Argan oil is amazing stuff and without a doubt saves my hair between trips to the salon, rubbed through the lengths of my damp hair (avoiding the roots- grease alert) it defends from heat damages and split ends and leaves my hair incredibly soft. I couldn't be without this magic product and with a price tag unlike the salon - its well worth it. Trust me. 

This is a sample Size that came in my Birchbox and I have to say - I love the stuff. It smells fresh, not unlike the Soap & Glory wash, and the milkey consistency makes the formulae incredibly light and it sinks in super fast. I'm not ruling out a repurchase here.

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream//
(Can't find, but the Almond version is great too)
I'm going mad over coconut scented things at the moment - MAD. I'm a big fan of The Body Shop products and with 40% off with Voucher Clouds I'm always popping in store. This hand cream leaves my hands soft and smells good enough to eat - But I won't. I won't...

My love affair with Origins started when I first started having an interest in skincare, I've tested out a few products since and these two products are like a double team to combination skin. (Plus, we all know they smell greatThe idea of this line is to balance out the PH levels in your skin, leaving dryer patches nourished and keeping oil at bay. The Balancing Tonic is fresh on the skin and didn't strip any excess oil that I still wanted for a bit of glow (yano?) First impressions of the Moisture Lotion were going good, the dreaded T-Zone was under control and the product felt so light it was undetectable on my skin, but lots of use after time left my skin feeling like it lacked nourishment, So maybe one for slightly oiler skin than I currently have?

I'm currently on my second tube of this particular cleanser and boy is it good stuff.  I only use this cleanser in the mornings or on a make-up free face as I'm not sure it's the right product to rid a face full of make-up, but it does grab them nasties on the surface of the skin and that is just what is needed after a nights sleep to perk up my skin!

We're going Origins crazy up in here - this teeny tiny sample provides quite a few Sunday face masks and I apply this to my T-Zone and my chin (a fright for Adam, I'm sure) and tend to leave it for a little longer than it says so it can really work it's magic. As Clay masks go, I can't notice a visible difference with my pores from this Origins Offering - But my skin definitely feels fresher and deep cleansed after use, so it still gets a thumbs up from me!

This stuff. Oh man. I'm on my second tub of this balm and the fact it got a repurchase says it all. I use this in the evenings (After using the earlier Origins Cleanser in the morning) and it breaks down my make up easy peasy. I love that its an all-in-one step so I don't have to faff with eye make-up remover, I just work the product into my skin with fingertips and move ontop the eyes afterwards. My eyes aren't left clouded or stingy as it's incredibly gentle,so everything is left feeling soft and clean - all in one step. I'm nearly at the end of that second tub though and I must say, I see a third repurchase on the horizon...

Have you gone through any of these empties? If so - Oh Snap!

E x

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