Sunday, 20 July 2014

The L'oreal Super Liner That is Just That - Super.

Eyeliner and I have always had a bit of an iffy relationship - Application never goes smoothly and liquid is a no go, But things are made easier with the help of a felt tip applicator, rather than the latter, and I think I've found a pen sized offering in the form of the L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim that will guide me along my way to finally perfect the perfect cat flick. Here's hoping, Emily..

Application wise, things go smoothly, with not too much tug and a wet enough applicator (Oh, gross) to glide the formula on without pulling, and wipe off easily for the many mistakes you might make - Guilty. I pop a primer on the lids before hand to stop a black line printing on the top of my eyelid (you know the type) make sure things are going to stay put and for me, the trick is to try and keep things as fine-lined as possible so my eyes don't look like they have become slant. I hear there's certain applications for different eye shapes? I'm getting on that. I am definitely not a dab hand at all things eye related and usually a bit of colour will suffice, but after a bit more practise (and a less shakey hand) I'll be keeping this liner close by, for the days I'm feelin' faancy.

The Cat Flick:
The photo below I came across on the Birchbox website (which I now can't find a link for - doh!) is almost a 'dummies guide to eyeliner' and the step-by-step close ups really helped to make the whole process as simple as possible - and I need that. 

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