Wednesday, 2 July 2014

On Ya Bike

Make no mistake when I say that I just about get around on the feet that my mother gave me - stability is not my forte - but with my recent house move and being a little further out of town than these legs are used to, I've taken up a new form of commute, and we're talking 2 wheels here. A bike comes in handy around these parts, especially getting out and about in the summer - and I plan to. Plus I'm doing my bit towards my carbon footprint. Excellent.
I adore the vintage look of the bicycle and the ride is a dream, super sturdy, and how cute is that basket? Great for carrying my handbag or grocery shopping!
I can't wait to get out an about on a sunny Sunday for a leisurely bike ride with the boy, with some good grub in tow. He's recently got his own wheels, couples bike rides? Just an idea. 
Now, I may not be prepared for a steep inclining hill - But hey, I'm getting there - and in the following images you may even think I'm ready to take part in Tour De France, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe next year? Yeah, Next year...

E x


  1. Your blog is gorgeous lovely!!
    I'm really enjoying reading all your posts :)
    This bike is so cute and you look lovely!

    Kelly from | DayDreams & DaisyChains

    1. Thanks girl! you're too kind - It makes me so happy knowing people enjoy my posts :)

      I adore this bike! But as I said, rough terrain is not my friend. haha


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