Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mollie Makes - The Bloggers Bible

New to blogging? want to snap that perfect picture? or maybe you feel you can't make the most of your blog because lack of tech knowledge? (I'm with you there) Well, you need this. I'm branding the Mollie Makes Blogging issue a 'Bloggers Bible'. Bold statement, I know, but I can't rave enough about this magazine! The issue is broken down in to handy sections focussing on different areas of blogging! Blog marketing, top tips or friendly advice - they've got it covered. Here's a few of my best bits from 'The Big Guide To Creative Content' and why this blogging bible (Yes, I'm serious) is one to have on hand...

Post Pointers//
Writers block? Need some inspiration? fear not! We've all been there. A run down of the top '12 Posts That Work' will boost your creative brain and have you rummaging around for a notebook and pen.

This 'Anatomy Of A Great Post' breakdown is super handy when you've got a great post idea, but you're not sure where to start! Breaking it down into chunks keeps everything simple - I can get seriously stressed out when things aren't going right! (oops)

Tackling Twitter//
Marketing? Whaat. Twitter is such a great social media platform to promote yourself and the amazing blog you've created! Use it to connect with other like minded ladies, all at 140 characters. The Mollie Makes ladies have got marketing covered and a handy 'Six Rules Of Twitter' to go along side it.

Hey Good Looking!//
Wordpress, blogger, tumblr - where to begin! I want to make my blog look amazing as much as the next gal and I'm definitely one for not knowing how to make banners, add cool widgets and all that jazz, but this section was so insightful and full of layouts and codes to help along the way to creating the blog I want! (it's a work in progress) Get your groove on when it comes to your blog look - put your stamp on it!

Blogger Profiles//
The best thing for me about the blogging community, is joining everyone one their pretty picture filled journeys! The girls from A beautiful Mess fill a few colourful pages and dish out their top tips, as well as a few other ladies and gents as the pages turn.

Haven't heard enough yet? Well, That's all from me. Go get yaself a copy! 

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