Friday, 4 July 2014


It's GIVEAWAY time! Seen as we're getting all celebratory up in here, I thought I'd pick up a few bit's to send out to one of you! (I'm sorry I can't pick up something for each of you.)

When it comes to my blog - or even on a day to day basis - I love writing lists. I'm always jotting down post ideas, structuring how/where I want my images to be taken, or when they're due to go live, in handy note books. Getting ideas down on paper is so handy, ensuring you don't forget that awesome idea you had on the bus journey home! 
So, I'm giving away 2 lined paper printed notebooks and a cute pen to celebrate this little blog birthday! If you're a stationary lover, or want to get your own ideas out of your head and on to paper (I picked up some more for myself- not going to lie) then -

 Here are the details to enter:

  • You must be subscribed to my blog over on Bloglovin.
  • Leave a comment letting me know which blogger's posts are top of your reading list!

*The giveaway ends on the 31st July and with be announced on here and my Twitter
* Giveaway is only open to UK & not internationally.

Don't forget to leave your Twitter details in your comment below and leave a link if you have a blog - I love to check them out!
Check out this morning's post where I get all mushy and sentimental about my love for the past 6 months.

E x



  1. Gotta love your fashion posts! Your style is so effortless and chic. Btw, congrats on six months! I started my own blog back in January too :)

    Taylor |

    1. Thank you so much! That's so kind!
      Well, Happy 6 Months to your blog too! Hope you're having a blast :)

  2. I really loved your post on top summer items as I find those types of posts really cool and helpful!


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