Thursday, 31 July 2014

Feelin' Feminin in Whistles

So I'm losing hours on the usual websites - Topshop, COS, Whistles etc and then BAM. There it is. The perfect slogan tee that holds the word 'Feminin' (I'll rolling with this) in an arch just above the chest - love it. I've completely missed out on the slogan trend that has been doing the rounds this summer because I haven't been wowed by the styles on offer from my usual high-street suspects, and that's where Whistles come in. I've always cooed over their items, but never took the plunge, but when it comes to the slogan trend, they've nailed it with their way for words - Who remembers the comme ci comme ça sweater? Awesome. So I figured it's time I let myself indulge. So despite a higher price tag than I usually allow myself to spend on a t-shirt - £45, deep breaths Emily - I convinced myself that this is a Whistles number, dammit, and £45 for a quality piece that is so so soft I can't even explain, well, it is a worth every pound. 

Style tip//
Pair with ripped jeans and white Birkenstocks for an everyday casual look or tuck into a sports luxe pastel printed midi for extra style points!

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