Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Boot Fit For Summer

The summer months of wearing cute printed trousers and ripped denim shorts call for a new addition in the shoe department, of course, and I believe I've found the perfect pairing. If you've seen the post on my Shoe Collection, then you'll know that I have a gap for a certain type of shoe that was just waiting to be filled and that is where these Monti Cut Out Boots come into play. 
They're smarter than my much loved Zara or Nike trainers and they're not as full on as a winter boot - sweaty feet is not  what we're after here - so they sit somewhere in between to two perfectly. When the weather doesn't call for a strappy sandal - I'll grab these babies. I love the thick heel that takes it just one step up from a flat (In turn, a step up for me!) and the cut out detail is what makes them the perfect on trend, 'chuck on with anything' summer bootie. Showing a bit of sexy ankle - Wahey. 
I can see me rocking these well into the autumn too! Money. Well. Spent. 
£46 to be precise- Ouch...

E x


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