Thursday, 31 July 2014

Feelin' Feminin in Whistles

So I'm losing hours on the usual websites - Topshop, COS, Whistles etc and then BAM. There it is. The perfect slogan tee that holds the word 'Feminin' (I'll rolling with this) in an arch just above the chest - love it. I've completely missed out on the slogan trend that has been doing the rounds this summer because I haven't been wowed by the styles on offer from my usual high-street suspects, and that's where Whistles come in. I've always cooed over their items, but never took the plunge, but when it comes to the slogan trend, they've nailed it with their way for words - Who remembers the comme ci comme ├ža sweater? Awesome. So I figured it's time I let myself indulge. So despite a higher price tag than I usually allow myself to spend on a t-shirt - £45, deep breaths Emily - I convinced myself that this is a Whistles number, dammit, and £45 for a quality piece that is so so soft I can't even explain, well, it is a worth every pound. 

Style tip//
Pair with ripped jeans and white Birkenstocks for an everyday casual look or tuck into a sports luxe pastel printed midi for extra style points!

E x


Sunday, 27 July 2014

Mollie Makes - The Bloggers Bible

New to blogging? want to snap that perfect picture? or maybe you feel you can't make the most of your blog because lack of tech knowledge? (I'm with you there) Well, you need this. I'm branding the Mollie Makes Blogging issue a 'Bloggers Bible'. Bold statement, I know, but I can't rave enough about this magazine! The issue is broken down in to handy sections focussing on different areas of blogging! Blog marketing, top tips or friendly advice - they've got it covered. Here's a few of my best bits from 'The Big Guide To Creative Content' and why this blogging bible (Yes, I'm serious) is one to have on hand...

Post Pointers//
Writers block? Need some inspiration? fear not! We've all been there. A run down of the top '12 Posts That Work' will boost your creative brain and have you rummaging around for a notebook and pen.

This 'Anatomy Of A Great Post' breakdown is super handy when you've got a great post idea, but you're not sure where to start! Breaking it down into chunks keeps everything simple - I can get seriously stressed out when things aren't going right! (oops)

Tackling Twitter//
Marketing? Whaat. Twitter is such a great social media platform to promote yourself and the amazing blog you've created! Use it to connect with other like minded ladies, all at 140 characters. The Mollie Makes ladies have got marketing covered and a handy 'Six Rules Of Twitter' to go along side it.

Hey Good Looking!//
Wordpress, blogger, tumblr - where to begin! I want to make my blog look amazing as much as the next gal and I'm definitely one for not knowing how to make banners, add cool widgets and all that jazz, but this section was so insightful and full of layouts and codes to help along the way to creating the blog I want! (it's a work in progress) Get your groove on when it comes to your blog look - put your stamp on it!

Blogger Profiles//
The best thing for me about the blogging community, is joining everyone one their pretty picture filled journeys! The girls from A beautiful Mess fill a few colourful pages and dish out their top tips, as well as a few other ladies and gents as the pages turn.

Haven't heard enough yet? Well, That's all from me. Go get yaself a copy! 

E x


Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Ripped Denim Short

 Finding the perfect short for a gal like me - big butt, long legs - is a task for the most part, made 10x more trying by all the different fits available. Showing cheek is unavoidable when 'high-waisted' for me tends to mean they just about cover the goods, (hello, pear shaped ladies) and I obviously try to avoid this at all costs.
So, talking about cost (lets move the butt talk to one side) let me introduce you to my £30.00 exception to the rule in the form of some denim from Topshop. Worth every penny for each inch of denim that covers my dignity...(Melodramatic I am not - right?)

The 'Hallie' fit is the perfect on trend ripped short that offers a 'hot-pant' style and a slight high-waist. I picked up a size larger than I usually would because they were a little tight around the thighs and I knew I'd want to keep things moveable and comfy! After wear they are a little too loose to rock a high-waist unless belted, now converting them to move of a boyfriend fit, but hey - it works. They are the best denim short offering that I have come by and the bonus is that they can be styled with slouchy t-shirts for daytime wear or with a strappy smarter number for evenings in the sun - This is what I'm banking on.

Have you picked up a pair for yourself? They are proving pretty popular...

E x


Sunday, 20 July 2014

The L'oreal Super Liner That is Just That - Super.

Eyeliner and I have always had a bit of an iffy relationship - Application never goes smoothly and liquid is a no go, But things are made easier with the help of a felt tip applicator, rather than the latter, and I think I've found a pen sized offering in the form of the L'oreal Super Liner Perfect Slim that will guide me along my way to finally perfect the perfect cat flick. Here's hoping, Emily..

Application wise, things go smoothly, with not too much tug and a wet enough applicator (Oh, gross) to glide the formula on without pulling, and wipe off easily for the many mistakes you might make - Guilty. I pop a primer on the lids before hand to stop a black line printing on the top of my eyelid (you know the type) make sure things are going to stay put and for me, the trick is to try and keep things as fine-lined as possible so my eyes don't look like they have become slant. I hear there's certain applications for different eye shapes? I'm getting on that. I am definitely not a dab hand at all things eye related and usually a bit of colour will suffice, but after a bit more practise (and a less shakey hand) I'll be keeping this liner close by, for the days I'm feelin' faancy.

The Cat Flick:
The photo below I came across on the Birchbox website (which I now can't find a link for - doh!) is almost a 'dummies guide to eyeliner' and the step-by-step close ups really helped to make the whole process as simple as possible - and I need that. 

E x

Thursday, 17 July 2014

Black on Black on Black OOTD.

So, yesterday was a hot one. I headed out parkwards with sandals and shades in tow dressed in an outfit that consisted entirely of black items - a wrong choice you might think? Surprisingly not. No overheating took place, thanks to a little help from a strappy top/strappy sandal combo.

Outfit Details

Head-To-Toe // Topshop
Rucksack // Vintage
Watch // Casio
Sunglasses// Topshop

Want a closer look? Previous posts about my Vintage Rucksack and Shoes!

Lets talk about this strappy cami - because I'm in love. Topshop bring out their line of strappy camis in a variety of colours every summer, this year being no different. Last year, I ummed and ahhed about whether to pick up a couple but the £18 price tag seemed a little steep. However, after missing last years batch, the re-launch of them this season meant the mothership called and I headed out to get some of this strappy action! It goes with pretty much everything - just awesome.

(Distracted by cute doggies - Typical.)

 I love this black on black action, not something I usually go for as black fades so quick things can look wishy washy- but it just looks so chic yet simple, my style summed up. Keepin' the accessories practically non-existent (getting rings on these hands in the heat? Oh no.) and adding a pop of colour on the lips!

I'm going to leave you with this road name. Because, C'mon...

E x


Sunday, 13 July 2014

The Review: Empty Products

It seems as though I've been trying out a lot of products of late, if the huge H&M bag full of empty containers is anything to go by, so I'm shining the light - if not dull bedroom lighting - on a lucky few with a short and sweet smelling product round up...

Soap and Glory is a brand I've been into for yonks, as I'm sure you are too, and their body washes are just ah-may-zing, and the best thing? The bottles last forever, right down to the last pump. 'Sugar Crush Fresh & Foamy Body Wash' is a citrus/limey scent that does more than it's fair share of waking me up in my morning shower. On the flip side, 'Clean On Me Creamy Clarifying Shower Gel' is (as the name suggests) a creamy shower gel that feels like its nourishing and moisturising my body. If I'm lucky enough to have both on the go I keep one for mornings and one for evenings! 3-4-2 at boots? I'd better stock up...

We're talking holy grail products right here in the form of a silky penetrating hair oil. Argan oil is amazing stuff and without a doubt saves my hair between trips to the salon, rubbed through the lengths of my damp hair (avoiding the roots- grease alert) it defends from heat damages and split ends and leaves my hair incredibly soft. I couldn't be without this magic product and with a price tag unlike the salon - its well worth it. Trust me. 

This is a sample Size that came in my Birchbox and I have to say - I love the stuff. It smells fresh, not unlike the Soap & Glory wash, and the milkey consistency makes the formulae incredibly light and it sinks in super fast. I'm not ruling out a repurchase here.

The Body Shop Coconut Hand Cream//
(Can't find, but the Almond version is great too)
I'm going mad over coconut scented things at the moment - MAD. I'm a big fan of The Body Shop products and with 40% off with Voucher Clouds I'm always popping in store. This hand cream leaves my hands soft and smells good enough to eat - But I won't. I won't...

My love affair with Origins started when I first started having an interest in skincare, I've tested out a few products since and these two products are like a double team to combination skin. (Plus, we all know they smell greatThe idea of this line is to balance out the PH levels in your skin, leaving dryer patches nourished and keeping oil at bay. The Balancing Tonic is fresh on the skin and didn't strip any excess oil that I still wanted for a bit of glow (yano?) First impressions of the Moisture Lotion were going good, the dreaded T-Zone was under control and the product felt so light it was undetectable on my skin, but lots of use after time left my skin feeling like it lacked nourishment, So maybe one for slightly oiler skin than I currently have?

I'm currently on my second tube of this particular cleanser and boy is it good stuff.  I only use this cleanser in the mornings or on a make-up free face as I'm not sure it's the right product to rid a face full of make-up, but it does grab them nasties on the surface of the skin and that is just what is needed after a nights sleep to perk up my skin!

We're going Origins crazy up in here - this teeny tiny sample provides quite a few Sunday face masks and I apply this to my T-Zone and my chin (a fright for Adam, I'm sure) and tend to leave it for a little longer than it says so it can really work it's magic. As Clay masks go, I can't notice a visible difference with my pores from this Origins Offering - But my skin definitely feels fresher and deep cleansed after use, so it still gets a thumbs up from me!

This stuff. Oh man. I'm on my second tub of this balm and the fact it got a repurchase says it all. I use this in the evenings (After using the earlier Origins Cleanser in the morning) and it breaks down my make up easy peasy. I love that its an all-in-one step so I don't have to faff with eye make-up remover, I just work the product into my skin with fingertips and move ontop the eyes afterwards. My eyes aren't left clouded or stingy as it's incredibly gentle,so everything is left feeling soft and clean - all in one step. I'm nearly at the end of that second tub though and I must say, I see a third repurchase on the horizon...

Have you gone through any of these empties? If so - Oh Snap!

E x

Thursday, 10 July 2014

A Sunday Street Party//OOTD

If you don't already know, I live in Norwich, a city in the East of England. The point to that exclamation? Well, Norwich is the kind of city that always has something going on, particularly down the shopping lanes that are filled with crafty stores and eateries. The backbone of Norwich is the community that keeps things ticking and on Sunday it was time for the yearly 'Norwich Lanes Fayre' and there was even a street party to compliment the good feels and summer sun!

Coat - Zara
Shirt - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Jamie Jeans 
(Best fitting jeans EVER)
Trainers - Zara
Bag - Accessorize

I don't think Pimms was ever a beverage I had tasted until I got lured into the idea of a 'Pimms Garden Party'. Local textile designer Carol Lake opened her awesome botanical house-come-studio for a sit down and a cup of pimms! The design of their house is just gorgeous...and the many plants. More on her work here - and her studio IS open to the public on certain days, so if you're ever in town...

I'll leave you with the image of these well-dressed gents - I couldn't not get a snap of their sartorial threads. After a little chit-chat you may be pleased to know that their outfits are produced by clothing manufacturer Old Town, local to Holt. If you're in the area...

E x

Sunday, 6 July 2014

A Boot Fit For Summer

The summer months of wearing cute printed trousers and ripped denim shorts call for a new addition in the shoe department, of course, and I believe I've found the perfect pairing. If you've seen the post on my Shoe Collection, then you'll know that I have a gap for a certain type of shoe that was just waiting to be filled and that is where these Monti Cut Out Boots come into play. 
They're smarter than my much loved Zara or Nike trainers and they're not as full on as a winter boot - sweaty feet is not  what we're after here - so they sit somewhere in between to two perfectly. When the weather doesn't call for a strappy sandal - I'll grab these babies. I love the thick heel that takes it just one step up from a flat (In turn, a step up for me!) and the cut out detail is what makes them the perfect on trend, 'chuck on with anything' summer bootie. Showing a bit of sexy ankle - Wahey. 
I can see me rocking these well into the autumn too! Money. Well. Spent. 
£46 to be precise- Ouch...

E x


Friday, 4 July 2014


It's GIVEAWAY time! Seen as we're getting all celebratory up in here, I thought I'd pick up a few bit's to send out to one of you! (I'm sorry I can't pick up something for each of you.)

When it comes to my blog - or even on a day to day basis - I love writing lists. I'm always jotting down post ideas, structuring how/where I want my images to be taken, or when they're due to go live, in handy note books. Getting ideas down on paper is so handy, ensuring you don't forget that awesome idea you had on the bus journey home! 
So, I'm giving away 2 lined paper printed notebooks and a cute pen to celebrate this little blog birthday! If you're a stationary lover, or want to get your own ideas out of your head and on to paper (I picked up some more for myself- not going to lie) then -

 Here are the details to enter:

  • You must be subscribed to my blog over on Bloglovin.
  • Leave a comment letting me know which blogger's posts are top of your reading list!

*The giveaway ends on the 31st July and with be announced on here and my Twitter
* Giveaway is only open to UK & not internationally.

Don't forget to leave your Twitter details in your comment below and leave a link if you have a blog - I love to check them out!
Check out this morning's post where I get all mushy and sentimental about my love for the past 6 months.

E x


We've Hit 6 Months! WOAH!

I can't believe that I started my little corner of the internet back in January and now I'm writing a post in celebration of hitting it's first milestone. A 'birthday', if you will. You can celebrate a 6 month Birthday - Right? Well, let the celebrations commence!

Towards the end of last year the thought of setting up my own blog was constant, I had a tiny reading list of great blogs that I'd been drawn to through various social media (the list is ever growing) and through the joy of reading their awesome websites, I got the bloggers fever - It happens to the best of us. A little bit of research into the most user friendly sites (technophobic here) to help get set up, took my laptop into hand and got typing! Now there are a cluster of you that follow me over on Bloglovin, with many a sweet comment left on my posts here or over on Instagram and the thought of you guys enjoying what I post and taking the time to have a read really does make my day. I am so grateful for every one of you that Subscribes after starting this blog 6 months ago on a dismal January afternoon, and it sure was the best decision I've made, I just can't explain how much enjoyment I get from it. From the writing, to the design and even getting to grips with the odd pose for a photo here and there - I'm still working on that - This is my creative space that I love sharing with you all and all I can hope is that it grows into something even more awesome! (Currently working on a little blog re-vamp that I happened to post about)

SO! As well as a few little gifts to myself (That's only right, right?) I've decided to launch my very first GIVEAWAY! I'm super happy to give a little something back to you guys to show my appreciation of how bloody awesome you all are! 
Fancy winning some goodies? Click back this afternoon for a post with all the details you'll need!

I'm off to eat a generous amount of cake.
See you this afternoon for the details of the giveaway!

E x

Wednesday, 2 July 2014

On Ya Bike

Make no mistake when I say that I just about get around on the feet that my mother gave me - stability is not my forte - but with my recent house move and being a little further out of town than these legs are used to, I've taken up a new form of commute, and we're talking 2 wheels here. A bike comes in handy around these parts, especially getting out and about in the summer - and I plan to. Plus I'm doing my bit towards my carbon footprint. Excellent.
I adore the vintage look of the bicycle and the ride is a dream, super sturdy, and how cute is that basket? Great for carrying my handbag or grocery shopping!
I can't wait to get out an about on a sunny Sunday for a leisurely bike ride with the boy, with some good grub in tow. He's recently got his own wheels, couples bike rides? Just an idea. 
Now, I may not be prepared for a steep inclining hill - But hey, I'm getting there - and in the following images you may even think I'm ready to take part in Tour De France, but I'm not quite there yet. Maybe next year? Yeah, Next year...

E x
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