Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Home Edition: Lounge Love

As some of you may have noticed on my Instagram and Twitter feed - I've moved house! Out of shared housing and into a place with the boyfriend - oh yes, it's getting serious here. Moving house and having some much more space (I'm typing this whilst lounging in the sun in my garden- aye?) means I haven't had to confine my belongings to one room - hallelujah! so Adam and I have combined our bits and bobs to start making this little house a home. Cliche, much? and the lounge has quickly become my favourite (and the most used) room in the house, despite it being the only room actually finished, bar a few art pieces yet to be hung/made,  and that ladies and gents - is a whole other post! I love the shelves to store all our books and magazines, our gumtree super comfy sofa find, and you may even spot a few IKEA pieces! (My excitement for that particular delivery - was sky high)

Want to take a peek?...

Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts and want to see more! - I love having a good nose at other peoples houses - is that odd? 

E x


  1. I spy Chris Ware! So rad.

    P.S. Gorgeous house!


    1. Yes, You do! Building Stories is so awesome, right? Having shelves to display all our knick knacks is super handy!

      P.S. Thankyou! :)


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