Thursday, 12 June 2014

OITNB? Never Heard Of It...

Rejoice! Orange Is The New Black is back on our screens! I type this post whilst trying to concentrate on my 3rd episode of the day and lets be honest, OITNB is winning my attention. (releasing full seasons - how could I not marathon?)

With the cliff hanger of season 1 I've waited with anticipation for season 2's arrival and believe me, it definitely doesn't disappoint. - no spoilers here. 
Little secret? I just left this post for a good few hours - distraction - common, Emily...
As characters go, It's too hard to pick a favourite! I love that we are now getting to see the back stories that belong to each character, but this season is so fast paced that my opinions of each character are changing with every episode! My heart is warming to Red - is that bad? and Morello, oh morello - who saw that one coming? I'm loving the direction of this season and the shiz is no doubt guna go down! With only 3 episodes left... My TV remote is calling.

Goodbye, reality.

E x


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