Sunday, 8 June 2014

Framing That Face

For this post it's a case of out with the old, and in with the new! The 'new' comes in the form of some flash Tony & Guy frames that I'm modelling oh so lovely (yeah right, Emily) in the photo above. As a part time glasses wearer, I've been feeling the urge to update my frames from what I refer to as my secretary specs to something a little more current and with the deal I found online - I couldn't resist.
I knew I wanted to go a little larger with the frames, but them chubby cheeks make finding the right shape quite the task! After trawling around Google and discovering that Tony & Guy in fact have their own line of specs - who knew? - I checked out their selection and was pretty darn surprised! *here comes the deal* You can grab a frame with prescription lenses and shipping all for £39.99. Awesome deal. threw caution to the wind and ordered the pair that looked the prettiest and hoped the spec shape would suit! Considering the chipmunk cheeks will always be present, I don't think these frames are too rounded for me and in fact, the more I look at them - the more I luuurv them! 

I will note that I ordered a darker colour in the frame, but when I opened my package the frames were a lighter shade. I don't mind this though as it gives me and excuse to buy another pair in the winter ;)

Looking for some new spectacle love? Frame that face, Ladies...

E x

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