Sunday, 29 June 2014

5 Items to Summer Holiday Savvy

In the hope of venturing off on a little summer 'vacation' later on in the year, I've been browsing the internet for holiday essentials. Here are 5 items that you'll need on your summer shopping list...

Bikini -
Each gal knows that bikini shape suits them best, for us smaller busted ladies it means we can get away with alot (As long as you can hold it up-you know what I mean?) I love this printed bikini from Monki and I can tell it will be the perfect fit for me because the briefs are higher waisted that the usual offerings I tend to find. No risk of cheek flashing here.

Denim Shorts -
A pair of denim shorts is on every girls summer list, right? They pretty much go with anything and they can transition easily from day to night just by changing a few outfit details. These MOM fit shorts from Topshop are great if you like a high-waist but still prefer a little bit of comfort and movement in the scorching (and some times sweaty, am I right?) summer sun!

Bag -
Big bags are the 'go to' when you're off on holiday. Packing a lot into it for your carry on and stuffing towels in it for trips to the beach means you're going to need something with size. This neutral grey bag from COS will go with every outfit and you can cram it to your hearts content.

Shades - 
Who else here has to check (and then re-check) that you've packed your sunglasses? The thought of arriving in a hot climate with a sun rays blasting into your eyes doesn't bare thinking about. So make sure you've got yours packed! These rounded Monki shades are effortlessly 'cool' and will make any outfit carry that edge.

Sun Block -
SPF people. S.P.F. I'm not one to turn every shade of red when it comes to basking in the sun, but I still make sure I'm topping up on that S.P.F. It's needless to say that sun block is important, but you all know that, and I've found Piz Buin to be great in preventing burning from previous holidays experience and it is extra light - so no stickiness. Hurrah!

Now to actually book a holiday...

E x


Friday, 27 June 2014

How to Rock Black in The Summer

It may be summer, but don't stash away your black 'winter' pieces just yet! For I am here to round up a few outfits that are summer acceptable and, yes, you guessed it - we're rocking the black for these summer friendly ensembles. GO...

Palm print is everywhere at the moment - but that doesnt mean to say you have to go bold or go home (yes, I said it). I've seen this top in store and its the perfect length for a little high-waisted action. So teamed up with the Topshop Jamie Jeans and neutral details in the form of a bag and some chunky sandals so you're keeping the attention on the awesome print you're working up top!

Blouse - Topshop
Jeans - Topshop Jamie Jeans (Sold out but ripped version HERE)
Bag - COS

To me, comfort is key when it comes to choosing items of clothing. These jeans will be super comfy as they are boyfriend fit so won't be too restricting in the heat! (British Summer? C'monn) and this oversized top may can keep things extra airy. The rounded shape of the shades keep things on trend and the sued Birkenstocks, well, they need no explaining.
(Does anyone else find that having ya feet in a pair of sandals instantly cools you down? Just me?...)

Top - COS
Jeans - River Island
Sunglasses - Monki

Wearing black doesn't have to be restricted to winter and the dismal weather, ladies! Throw on a cami top, I love the detailing on this River Island number, and a pair of strappy sandals with a cute heel (a small one for me, obviously) and you're set to go from day to night in one outfit. Keeping things simple and not packing on the layers.

Jeans - Whistles
Cami - River Island
Bag - COS 
Shoes - ASOS

Can you tell I'm an oversized outfit gal? Pair this COS dress with a silver pair of Birks (featured heavily in this post, I know) to keep things feminine, yet manly. (Am I making any sense?) Don't over accessorize and keep it simple with a unique piece of jewellery and of course, dem shades.

Dress - COS (Similar HERE)
Sunglasses - Whistles
Ring - COS

E x


Monday, 23 June 2014

Mid-Season Must-Haves

If you've found yourself in an internet black-hole as of late, you may have missed the huge Mid Season Sale drop online. It has landed with a thud and I'm all over it - Hurrah! For those of us planing holidays (fingers crossed) or thinking about that one item that just needs to be in your rotation - We're in luck! Naturally, I've been scrolling through endless pages of cami top/ripped jean/ankle boot galore & these are my favourite picks for the price...
Warning: If self restraint is not your friend, then look away now...

  • Dress - COS / £48.00
  • Necklace - Topshop 8.50
  • Bag - Zara / £29.99
  • Sandals - Zara / £39.99

  • Jumper - Whistles / £40.00
  • Trousers - Zara / £12.99
  • Scarf - COS / £12.00

Secret? I have no self restraint. *rummages for bank card* Ooops...

E x



Sunday, 15 June 2014

The Home Edition: Lounge Love

As some of you may have noticed on my Instagram and Twitter feed - I've moved house! Out of shared housing and into a place with the boyfriend - oh yes, it's getting serious here. Moving house and having some much more space (I'm typing this whilst lounging in the sun in my garden- aye?) means I haven't had to confine my belongings to one room - hallelujah! so Adam and I have combined our bits and bobs to start making this little house a home. Cliche, much? and the lounge has quickly become my favourite (and the most used) room in the house, despite it being the only room actually finished, bar a few art pieces yet to be hung/made,  and that ladies and gents - is a whole other post! I love the shelves to store all our books and magazines, our gumtree super comfy sofa find, and you may even spot a few IKEA pieces! (My excitement for that particular delivery - was sky high)

Want to take a peek?...

Let me know if you enjoy these kinds of posts and want to see more! - I love having a good nose at other peoples houses - is that odd? 

E x

Thursday, 12 June 2014

OITNB? Never Heard Of It...

Rejoice! Orange Is The New Black is back on our screens! I type this post whilst trying to concentrate on my 3rd episode of the day and lets be honest, OITNB is winning my attention. (releasing full seasons - how could I not marathon?)

With the cliff hanger of season 1 I've waited with anticipation for season 2's arrival and believe me, it definitely doesn't disappoint. - no spoilers here. 
Little secret? I just left this post for a good few hours - distraction - common, Emily...
As characters go, It's too hard to pick a favourite! I love that we are now getting to see the back stories that belong to each character, but this season is so fast paced that my opinions of each character are changing with every episode! My heart is warming to Red - is that bad? and Morello, oh morello - who saw that one coming? I'm loving the direction of this season and the shiz is no doubt guna go down! With only 3 episodes left... My TV remote is calling.

Goodbye, reality.

E x


Sunday, 8 June 2014

Framing That Face

For this post it's a case of out with the old, and in with the new! The 'new' comes in the form of some flash Tony & Guy frames that I'm modelling oh so lovely (yeah right, Emily) in the photo above. As a part time glasses wearer, I've been feeling the urge to update my frames from what I refer to as my secretary specs to something a little more current and with the deal I found online - I couldn't resist.
I knew I wanted to go a little larger with the frames, but them chubby cheeks make finding the right shape quite the task! After trawling around Google and discovering that Tony & Guy in fact have their own line of specs - who knew? - I checked out their selection and was pretty darn surprised! *here comes the deal* You can grab a frame with prescription lenses and shipping all for £39.99. Awesome deal. threw caution to the wind and ordered the pair that looked the prettiest and hoped the spec shape would suit! Considering the chipmunk cheeks will always be present, I don't think these frames are too rounded for me and in fact, the more I look at them - the more I luuurv them! 

I will note that I ordered a darker colour in the frame, but when I opened my package the frames were a lighter shade. I don't mind this though as it gives me and excuse to buy another pair in the winter ;)

Looking for some new spectacle love? Frame that face, Ladies...

E x

Thursday, 5 June 2014

The Style Edit: A Trouser Under A Tenner//Take Two...

Let me cast your minds back to a post that got quite alot of love from you all - the bargain H&M trouser. They came in at under a tenner (Yes ladies-you heard right!) and H&M have struck again with another printed pair with a price tag that hit the money-verses-bank balance spot so I had no excuse not to make my way to the till, make the purchase and take them home?- this weren't no one night stand...

I'm enjoying trousers with a higher waist at the moment - yes, embrace that booty ladies! - and as I'm new to the whole high waist wearing, (A few years too late, I know) I find them easier to wear and much much comfier when the trousers have a bit of give and this pair from H&M supply me with just that! They fit perfectly on my waist so I love pairing these with a basic tee tucked in and I'm even contemplating purchasing a crop top or two - Things are getting crazy around these parts. I rummaged for a jumper amongst my suitcases for the purpose of the photos (If you don't already know- I've just moved into my new place so finding clothes at the moment is proving difficult. I've given you a cheeky glimpse of my new pad in the photos!) and think this jumper look is super cute too? 
Obviously the trouser is all about the print and I'm in love with the almost a tie dye effect that covers them combined with a slight wash of water colour. (That's the best that description is going to get) I'll let the images do the persuading... 

I've said it once, and I'll say it again - Under. Ten. Pounds! Have a played that out enough yet?
I may have another trouser purchase coming your way soon too - If the last two haven't satisfied your printed trouser taste buds? *hint hint* A girl can never have too many printed trousers, especially at these prices - right? Right...

E x
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