Sunday, 4 May 2014

The Sunday Playlist

We're trying something new here this #casualsunday and that means it's time to crack out the tunes! Oh Yes. I'd like to say that my music taste is quite eclectic and the choices I have on repeat at the moment send me into ultimate chill time. For a little twist on the usual posts you'd expect to see here on your weekly, visit I've complied a short playlist with some of my new loves for a good ol' lazy morning - with the exception of a booty shaking classic that'll make you move dem hips. (I do - & what a sight that is) 
So, whilst you relax and scroll through your blog feed with your breaky and a cup of OJ in hand *insert preferred beverage* and I'll provide the tunes. I've got your Sunday morning sorted...

The 1975 - Chocolate
Saint Raymond - Young Blood
Woodkid - Baltimores Fireflies
The National - Bloodbuzz Ohio
Paramore - Aint it fun
Haim - The Wire
Say Lou Lou - Maybe You
Haim - Don't Save Me
Miguel - Adorn
Saint Raymond - Everything She Wants
Arcade Fire - The Suburbs
Haim - My Song Five
Beyonce - End Of Time (WARNING: *Butt Shaking*)

For those of you that are as high tech as I - Paha! -  and have been sucked into the £9.99 a month Spotify life...

Casual Sunday No1

E x


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