Thursday, 1 May 2014

The Post About The Snakeskin Shoes

Never did I ever think I'd be sporting snakeskin, there has always been something a tad too John Travolta about it for my liking - No idea where I got that resemblance from, either. Having said that, after gentle persuasion from my boyfriend to slip my feet into this pair of flats in H&M on one shopping outing, I fell hook line aaand sinker.

They're amazing. A statement pair of shoes is something my wardrobe lacks (bar a Nike offering that are grey, and pink, and amazing..) and these flats really go with a lot. They make such an impact on a simple outfit really giving them the opportunity to stand out, or they look equally as 'look at me' paired with a smart blouse for an evening out. Keeping things smart up top, yet casual - my go too look - as seen here...

(Bad iphone quality *sighs*)

I'm really not a shoe purchasing kind of gal (the evidence doesn't support my statement here - my bad!) but these are the second pair I've picked up this month and after a slight wash of guilt, I'm setting my sights on a pair of summer sandals...Guilty as charged.

E x


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