Sunday, 11 May 2014

Love One, Leave One

The past week or so I've been seriously under the weather and my skin was feeling it too. My combination skin isn't usually prone to dryness but patches have a risen and my skin has definitely felt sore, is that even a thing? I have recently ran out of my morning facial cleanser which is the Origins A Perfect World Cleanser With White Tea and replaced it with an older offering in my stash that comes in the form of Clinique's Liquid Facial Soap - for the sake of not being able to leave my bed - and I've come to the conclusion that this product may just be the culprit to my skin 360...

Clinique Liquid Facial Soap- 
When first indulging in my skin care I headed straight for the Clinique counter. After a few uses my skin felt tight and like all the extra oils in my combination skin had been completely drawn out and left me with uncomfortable skin. I think this product and the 3 Step system is an amazing idea and a great product but unfortunately I think I had been issued the wrong number in their 3 Step system and I could have done with a lighter solution that wasn't as harsh on my face. Maybe I'll revisit you another day Clinique face wash, but for now it's sayonara...

Origins A Perfect World Cleanser With White Tea -
SO, I briefly touched on my love for this product way back when (HERE) and I've been smitten ever since. Being bed bound meant once I had squeezed the last splodge out of the tube, I had to switch to the Clinique but after my skin clearly didn't agree with it I just had to muster the strength to make a dash to grab some more. Since making it's way back into rotation it has definitely restored the balance in my routine and my face has felt much more comfortable BUT my skin still isn't as oil controlled as I'd like. Girl problems-aye? It's an on going battle, but this product still comes up trumps and was a definite skin saviour for poorly Emily. I know Clinique was far too harsh, but for now this Cleanser is nice and gentle and the majority of my skin care routine is supplied by the wonderful world of Origins.

What products have saved your skin?

E x

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