Sunday, 25 May 2014

Buckle Up, It's Shoe Time...

Firstly I'd like to start by apologising for the ridiculous title of this blog post - I. Just. Couldn't. Resist. *shakes head disapprovingly* Moving swiftly on...

Walking around with my feet stuffed (overdramatic use of 'stuffed') into a pair of trainers or boots with the weather being so glorious made me eager to hit the shops to make my first sandal purchase of the year. I'm sure all you girls can relate when I say I dug out last years sandal offerings to reveal a selection that just didn't work any more, which gave me the peeerfect excuse to pick up a new pair!

I'm picky when it comes to sandals, making the trip a lot longer than it needed to be! But I went for these black buckled lovelies - from Topshop. When it comes to sandals, I like having a strap across the ankle as it just makes things feel more secure. You know? As much as I love the chunky Birkenstock's making their way back into trend this summer and the fact they look awesome on, for £28 Topshop have supplied me with the perfect feminine but not too feminine sandal that carries the buckle effect of the Birckenstocks, but a more dainty and lightweight appeal. These sweet little things are quite Whistles-esque, don't you think? You can't fail when I black is on offer and I love that I can picture these with many a printed trouser or maybe even a dress (whoa- steady on, Emily)  I've got a feeling the blog will be seeing a lot more of these in photos to come...

E x

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