Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Zara Trainer That Gives Nike a Run For It's Money

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy. Just LOOK at these! My new footwear that has sent me over the edge, and I'm dedicating a full blog post today to these new kicks that I recently purchased from none other than my high-street fave, Zara. Whilst waiting in line to buy a few items my eye was drawn towards these lightly camouflaged, black and white trainers. At first glance, they reminded me of Nike free runs (can you see it?) but at a fraction of the price at £39.99, which is still a little steep for a Zara shoe, but well worth my saved up pennies! 
It's not often that I shoe shop, focusing on other items in my growing wardrobe, but I picked up 2 pairs on this particular shopping trip (blog post next week. Hint Hint) I always grab a pair that that I know will slot perfectly into my collection and work with everything and these do just that, as well as making a statement in the summer paired with a cute dress! They are so light weight and give my feet room to breath, solving the sweaty summer feet issue. It's a problem. 
They are super comfy, so versotile, and to take it straight to the point - I bloody love them...

Let me know if you enjoy these little outfit detail posts, or any other bits and bobs you might like to see from the blog!

Enjoy the sunshine & I'll see you for Sundays post!

E x


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