Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Book Review: The Man Repeller

I love a good book. My problem - I find it difficult to find an author that I enjoy snuggling up to on a Sunday afternoon. Once I find that author, I trail through their books before the inevitable search for a new author begins. Leandra Medine had been on my radar for all of a few weeks before I chose to add her to my basket, and her witty fashion faux pas were well worth the £12 spent, I'll tell you that.

Leandra Medine is a self confessed 'Man Repeller', with her ability to choose outfits that both attract and 'repel' men, her style choices had me in stitches! The girls got style - of an unconventional sense - and each chapter within the book presents a different garment, along with a new embarrassing story that I'm sure all us girls can relate to. (Refer to chapter 11 - period panties!)
So if you're a lover of fashion, or a lover of wit - This book is 'the one' for you!

Now that I've finished endudlging in the pages of this hardback, there is now way I could just I stop at the turn of the very last page. I'm getting my daily fix from her online blog! Oh yes - there's a blog! Did I forget to mention that? The blog actually came about before the book itself and it's pure fashion delight.
Find her blog HERE.

Are you hooked too?

E x

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