Sunday, 20 April 2014

Casual (Easter) Sunday #5: The Comfies

I don't think I'm speaking just for myself when I say there is nothing better than a Sunday where you just bum out all day and do nothing apart from watch movies. Am I right? 
In order to get myself in the ultimate state of comfort I need a helping hand from a few items of clothing- The Comfies. 
Oh yes, I said it. Comfies. The clothes I slip into when I know all I'll be doing is slobbing out or just pottering around for the day. As today is Easter Sunday I shall be adding copious amounts of chocolate into the equation and slumping in front of the TV for good Ol' Easter movies. (I paint such a pretty picture, don't I?) I've recently invested in some new sweats as my old ones were well past their best by date and for that I hit up H&M as I'd heard great things about their comfies. (how many times can I say comfies in this post?) I have a pile of t-shirts in my draw that I alternate with/throw anything on to switch things up a little! Here's some pictures of me trying to model the most glamorous out fit you'll ever see me in as best I can with dodgy evening lightening. Enjoy..

When it comes to lazying around attire or pj's, I love having a bottom that is tight around my ankles. I just really like the look, plus they're so cosy! These joggers where only £12 I think, so a bargain! I picked up an XS (unbelievable) and they have still given a little.
The socks are stolen from my boyfriend! ;)

Basic t-shirts are perfect for everything, aren't they? I have a draw filled with stripes, v-necks, round necks, long sleeves. You really cant go wrong.

Do you have you're own casual Sunday comfies? Please say I'm not alone...


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