Sunday, 27 April 2014

The Sample Size Mani

Hurrah! The postman finally delivered my April Birchbox after missing my delivery - Damn not having a post box. I knew exactly what I'd be rummaging for once I ripped into the packaging, and here it is. In this month's Birchbox they're promoting nail brand Colour Club's collaboration with stylist Gala Gonzalez and decided to let us subscribers choose what colour from the collection that we wanted to layer onto our tips. With a selection of four on my hands (literally) this called for a process of elimination.. 

Left-Right: Breakfast At / Heirloom Pearls / Gold Struck / Aquamarine Azulino

It got down to Gold Struck and Heirloom Pearls until I finally settled on the latter. Pale pastels aren't a colour I usually lap onto my nails, but for spring summer I've been inclined to pick up a few bottles whilst browsing the isles of boots. So, the deats. The colour is a lovely pearl tinged ivory and not at all the dreaded tip-ex white that takes pretty pastels to a whole new pasty level. It looks dreamy on the nails but the down side? The formulae isn't that easy to work with. My tips received 3 lashings and there was still a slight streak to the finish, but I'm going to keep working with it as this light and lovely base oozes (oozes? OK.) spring time season. This sample size mani has deffinetly sparked a need for more pastel shades on these digits. *wiggles fingers* 

E x


Thursday, 24 April 2014

The Style Edit: A Trouser Under a Tenner - Say Whaat?

A pair of printed trousers have been on my shopping list for quite some time, as I only have one pair hanging in my wardrobe. They've been an item that I've found quite tricky to come by this season, nothing quite suiting my liking. That is until I stumbled into H&M...

Zara and H&M are two of the shops that I hit up when on the hunt for printed trousers and although they have both been a bit lack lustre of late, I did spot this pair, and the best bit? They were only £7.99! That's right ladies, under a tenner. Can you believe it?!?
They have a high waist which is something I don't usually go for but as they have a rope drawstring waist I can adjust it to fit my body shape perfectly. These will be perfect for days in the summer when I don't want to rock about with dem legs out as they are nice a loose fit, but not hilariously baggy as they get tighter towards the ankle, which is perfect if I wanted to wear a boot with them. As they are thinner than your usual trouser, I was a little worried that they'd stretch out, but that doesn't seem to be the case. So far, soo good.

The jungle pattern is on trend at the moment and the muted colour means I can chuck on a brightly coloured top. Awesome. I love wearing them with my converse and in the summer I'll slip my feet into some strappy sandals. SUCH a bargain pair of trousers that has started a printed trousers fever inside of me, here's hoping they'll be more where these came from...

Yes - I love blossom trees! This is my favourite time of year and my Instagram feed is full of them. As you can see, I'm managing to get them involved into a few of my blog posts too! ;) #sorrynotsorry

E x

Wednesday, 23 April 2014

The Budget Beauty Post: Cellardoor Magazine #4

The topic of conversation this week over at Cellardoor Magazine is of course - 'Budget Beauty'.
This week I'm showing you how to beautify the candle holders that once housed your favourite winter scents, as well as other everyday recyclable containers from around your home that you can transform into storage for much loved beauty bits & bobs! We're talking pinterest shiz here!

Into a bit of D.I.Y? Check it out HERE

E x


Sunday, 20 April 2014

Casual (Easter) Sunday #5: The Comfies

I don't think I'm speaking just for myself when I say there is nothing better than a Sunday where you just bum out all day and do nothing apart from watch movies. Am I right? 
In order to get myself in the ultimate state of comfort I need a helping hand from a few items of clothing- The Comfies. 
Oh yes, I said it. Comfies. The clothes I slip into when I know all I'll be doing is slobbing out or just pottering around for the day. As today is Easter Sunday I shall be adding copious amounts of chocolate into the equation and slumping in front of the TV for good Ol' Easter movies. (I paint such a pretty picture, don't I?) I've recently invested in some new sweats as my old ones were well past their best by date and for that I hit up H&M as I'd heard great things about their comfies. (how many times can I say comfies in this post?) I have a pile of t-shirts in my draw that I alternate with/throw anything on to switch things up a little! Here's some pictures of me trying to model the most glamorous out fit you'll ever see me in as best I can with dodgy evening lightening. Enjoy..

When it comes to lazying around attire or pj's, I love having a bottom that is tight around my ankles. I just really like the look, plus they're so cosy! These joggers where only £12 I think, so a bargain! I picked up an XS (unbelievable) and they have still given a little.
The socks are stolen from my boyfriend! ;)

Basic t-shirts are perfect for everything, aren't they? I have a draw filled with stripes, v-necks, round necks, long sleeves. You really cant go wrong.

Do you have you're own casual Sunday comfies? Please say I'm not alone...


Thursday, 17 April 2014

The Zara Trainer That Gives Nike a Run For It's Money

Oh boy, Oh boy, Oh boy. Just LOOK at these! My new footwear that has sent me over the edge, and I'm dedicating a full blog post today to these new kicks that I recently purchased from none other than my high-street fave, Zara. Whilst waiting in line to buy a few items my eye was drawn towards these lightly camouflaged, black and white trainers. At first glance, they reminded me of Nike free runs (can you see it?) but at a fraction of the price at £39.99, which is still a little steep for a Zara shoe, but well worth my saved up pennies! 
It's not often that I shoe shop, focusing on other items in my growing wardrobe, but I picked up 2 pairs on this particular shopping trip (blog post next week. Hint Hint) I always grab a pair that that I know will slot perfectly into my collection and work with everything and these do just that, as well as making a statement in the summer paired with a cute dress! They are so light weight and give my feet room to breath, solving the sweaty summer feet issue. It's a problem. 
They are super comfy, so versotile, and to take it straight to the point - I bloody love them...

Let me know if you enjoy these little outfit detail posts, or any other bits and bobs you might like to see from the blog!

Enjoy the sunshine & I'll see you for Sundays post!

E x


Monday, 14 April 2014

Outside Eating: The Perfect Picnic Setup

Once again, Monday has come around far quicker than I'm sure any of us would have liked and it's left me clinging onto memories of the weekend. So, I'm setting my sights towards the next 3 day break, which just so happens to be Easter! Sunny weather predictions have gently nudged me into scrolling through the internet for potential picnic goodies to make the most of the beautiful, yet unpredictable, British weather. The SS14 pastel colours are perfect for making up a pretty picnic spread and I personally have always had a secret love for buying cutesy lunch boxes and tubs! (Strange, I know.)
So, take a peek at my perfect picnic set up...



I'd also like to add that IKEA's new Brakig Collection is to die for, not quite ideal for outside eating and you can't buy it online *whimpers* BUT, all the more reason for me to take a road trip down to IKEA.



E x


Thursday, 10 April 2014

The Style Edit: The eBay Bag

For this post I'm heading back a few years to my first ever eBay purchase - and only purchase to date - to tell the tale of how I got my hands on one heck of a bargain. Here goes..

A few summers ago rucksacks were everywhere. Printed, Fabric, Leather, and I desperately wanted a little leather rucksack of my own. I wasn't willing to pay heaps for it, I always have a budget in mind, so that's when I decided to hit up eBay for a potential first time bargain. 
I wanted a piece that was:
A. Not too big.
B. Not too pricey.
C. Plain leather. A Black or tan colour so I knew it would be easy to dress, unlike a pattern, and would be a timeless addition to my wardrobe.
A lot of the bags listed were hittin' up £60/£70 pounds. (Oh hell no) But this little gem was around the £20 mark and it was love. Not just because of the price, but because it was made from real Italian leather. Ding Ding Ding, we have a winner.

The rucksack is still going strong, bar the lining coming out on the inside and slight distress on the front of the bag, but this just adds to the vintage appeal, does it not? The trusty rucksack comes out of my wardrobe every summer as its a piece that goes with everything. Shorts, dresses, prints, denim, the possibilities are well and truly endless...

E x

Monday, 7 April 2014

A Budget Beauty Post: Cellardoor Magazine #3

Another Budget Beauty Post has hit the blog over at Cellardoor Magazine!
This week, it's all about treatin' your pout right with an oh-so-sweet lip scrub that smells good enough to eat -Trust me on this. Maybe you're a bold lip lover? or your lips just need some TLC? Click HERE to view the budget beauty way to smoother lips...

E x

Sunday, 6 April 2014

The Book Review: The Man Repeller

I love a good book. My problem - I find it difficult to find an author that I enjoy snuggling up to on a Sunday afternoon. Once I find that author, I trail through their books before the inevitable search for a new author begins. Leandra Medine had been on my radar for all of a few weeks before I chose to add her to my basket, and her witty fashion faux pas were well worth the £12 spent, I'll tell you that.

Leandra Medine is a self confessed 'Man Repeller', with her ability to choose outfits that both attract and 'repel' men, her style choices had me in stitches! The girls got style - of an unconventional sense - and each chapter within the book presents a different garment, along with a new embarrassing story that I'm sure all us girls can relate to. (Refer to chapter 11 - period panties!)
So if you're a lover of fashion, or a lover of wit - This book is 'the one' for you!

Now that I've finished endudlging in the pages of this hardback, there is now way I could just I stop at the turn of the very last page. I'm getting my daily fix from her online blog! Oh yes - there's a blog! Did I forget to mention that? The blog actually came about before the book itself and it's pure fashion delight.
Find her blog HERE.

Are you hooked too?

E x

Thursday, 3 April 2014

The Style Edit: Orange Is The New Black

Today's post title takes it's inspiration from a much loved Netflix Series of mine, 'Orange Is The New Black'. I've been itching to do a post surrounding the colour that has made an impact on SS14 fashion, a colour that is the key ingredient to many visual displays in shop windows up and down Oxford street (this is where I get drawn in) - Orange. 
I'm trying to stay clear of darker colours in the spirit of the brighter weather - bar a basic pair of black jeans, of course - in favour of brighter colours and, as I mentioned, this colour never fails to lure me in every. darn. time. Now, I'm not saying that sporting a vibrant orange ensemble  is at all related to that of the jail attire in the Netflix series, but the trends speak for themselves, ladies.

Here is where you can find all the products pictured above:

Long sleeve top - COS
Sweater- Whistles
Dress- Zara
Short Sleeve Top- COS
Skirt- COS
Button Through Skirt- Topshop
Perspex Shopper- Topshop
Watch- Casio

So, the title does fit the bill - Orange really is the new black.
E x

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