Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Style Edit: All These Little Things...

Almost every day I wear the same accessories. That's right - the same well-loved rings slip onto my fingers and my favourite Casio clasps around my wrist. SO, I thought such dedication to said items deserves a blog post, right? I'm letting you guys in on the accessories that come top of the class, without a doubt making an appearance every. darn. day. 
(the shades and the bag only come out when the sun is shining!)

The Rings-
First things first - Rings. Like my girl Beyonce says - "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it". In my case, 3 rings make it onto these digits. *waves fingers in the air*

Left: Like a magpie, I'm drawn to all rings that sport a lump of shiny rock, So when I saw this amber ring in a shop window whilst in Gibraltar, I had to make it mine. It's huge and I adore it. I wear it on my index finger and happen to have some studs that match. (that wasn't intentional- fate) I get many a compliment on this ring and it's a great statement to an outfit.
Back: Gemstones are an ongoing theme in my accessory stash (I told you- magpie.) This green amber ring I bought from a cute market stall on London's Southbank at Christmas and It's set up home on my middle finger on my left hand. I love the delicateness of this ring and I dont want to distract from that, so it's the only item that lives on this hand. 
Right: My thumb ring. I like the simplicity on this band, yet it looks like its been melted into the obscure shape in the middle. I wear this on the same hand as my giant amber ring, the perfect pairing.

The Watch-
Up until my first part time job as a youngster - where a watch was needed to count down the hours until home time - I never used to wear a watch. Now, I couldn't be without one. I picked up this Casio on ASOS after admiring it on many a wrist of passers by. I had toy'd between the gold and the rose gold choices. *insert heart eyes emoticon* 
Finally settling on the gold. As gorgeous as rose gold is, this baby is timeless and although they look rather masculine, the small size add's a touch of feminine edge and a little somthin' somthin' to any outfit.

The Necklaces-
I used to be a lover of statement necklaces, don't get me wrong, I'll still pull one out every once in a while, but on a daily basis a dainty necklace is my go to. 
Triangle: My friend got me this for Christmas after she'd see me eyeing in up in Topshop on a shopping outing. I love the combination of black and gold and you can put this baby around your neck with just about anything.
Elephant: How cute is this?? Again, a present from a friend - who knows me so well, might I add - this diddy elephant necklace is adorable, with it's tribal print and rustic edge. It sits higher up on my neck than I would like - I'm terrible with task of buying longer chains - but this necklace means a lot to me as my friend chose it knowing it'd drive me crazy! I'm in love.

The Shades-
Obviously I only wear these when the sun is willing, but they are currently stored in my handbag awaiting use. I have a thing for shades with tortoise shell effect, I think my previous 2 have all sported the print - yes I loose shades, alot - as my face is mostly made up of my chubby cheeks I find it hard to find 'trendy' shades. The shape of this pair is usually what I go for and they aren't too ridiculous that I can't pull them off. Let the sun shine, baby.

The Small Bag-
With the warmer weather looming and beach trips being inevitable, the big black winter bag is out, and the smaller bag is in. This bag was a Topshop find but I love how vintage it looks. It's quite rigid, so not a lot of movement there, but it's great for days when you don't need to carry much at all. 

There you have it, the accessories that clutter my fingers and adorn myself on the regular. 
Do you have your own accessory love? 

E x

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