Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Food Related Post: Oh, Byron Burger.

Sticking to the theme of my recent trip to London (you'd think I'd never been before) I thought I'd share with you where my boyfriend and I stopped off for lunch. A rather BIG lunch- we were aiming to fill our bellies for the rest of the day. Hopefully this'll get your mouth watering - it is mine.

Byron Burger-

On our last trip to London we came across Byron Burger, not far away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, and boy was it delicious! If you don't know already - I love a good burger. So, after getting up at ridiculous o'clock to catch the bus to London, lunch couldn't come sooner!
We sat downstairs in the basement, which was really cool, an awesome decore, it reminded me of a renovated warehouse. With metal stairs leading to the basement, large light fixtures attached to the wall and stripped back wooden floors. You could even see across the serving bar into the open kitchen. I should have got this on camera.
The guy that served us was so lovely, it was a heaving Friday lunchtime and he was rushed off his feet - This meant we had a little wait for the food to turn up, which usually wouldn't of bothered us, but a strict time limit was in order due to a tight schedule! The food was well worth the wait...

If you're ever around that area and looking to indulge in the ultimate comfort food - I'd suggest you go for the 'Byron Burger'. The glazed buns were filled cheese/bacon goodness and a BBQ sauce with a kick! Along side my choice of coleslaw and skin on fries, I was ready to tuck in. Yummm. 
Adam had the same, but went for a side of Mac 'n' Cheese. I have to say, Mac 'n' Cheese Isnt something that has been on offer in other burger bars I've ate at- best idea ever I might add- but the menu is reflected on burger joints the owner came across in America. So it all makes sense! (As well as the cream soda Adam had to top it all off) If I lived in America I'd be in food heaven. Dangerous. 

If you have any suggestions on where to grab a messy burger - we want to hit up as many a possible - write a comment down below!

Let me know if you enjoy these food related posts - I'm sure I can find many more where these came from.

E x


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