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The Spring/Summer 'Basics' Wardrobe

This year, unlike others previous, I'm preparing myself for the trends that will drop this season with a breakdown of key items that shall make their homes on hangers in my wardrobe. I'm notorious for sifting through clothes rails, overwhelmed by the short skirts and strappy tops that may soon adorn my body, and instead opting for the usual suspects - shorts and a t-shirt.
So, I've complied a list of 'Basics', some that might already have a home in our closets, to help stop the endless rail browsing once and for all. Allowing ourselves to enter a shop knowing what we're after and if you're me, not be afraid to try new things. Let's start embracing our Spring/Summer wardrobes, Ladies!

The Spring Coat-
Even though Spring is upon us, don't be hasty and shun aside your coat for a lighter offering. 
Spring coats are all over the high street at the moment, many sporting soft pastel colourings and collarless neck lines, keep your outfit basic and add a spot of colour with your outerwear.

                                                                    Zara                                                                     Topshop

The Oversized Denim Jacket-
I recently got my hands on the perfect Lightweight Denim Jacket - That happens to belong to my boyfriend - you can view HERE. Denim jackets are so versatile and after a battle to find one, I'll be pairing mine with many an outfit this year. However, my luck suggests that 'said' jacket might be reclaimed by it's original owner if I'm not too careful, so I've got my back up's ready: 


The Jeans/Trousers-
You really can't go wrong with a pair of black bottoms. They look great with sandals and a strappy top, or even paired with an oversized tee and shades. I'd go for something with a little stretch for summer to give you a little movement on hotter days or evenings. Nobody wants to sweat it out in summer.
A denim pair is an obvious choosing too, Denim is a great basic for any wardrobe, whether it's winter, spring or summer. I sway towards lighter denim for the summer months as it keeps things fresh. I also avoid anything (and I mean anything) with a high waist. This pair from Zara are super cute and have zips at the ankles. I'd unzip them if I was keeping it casual with a pair of sandals!

The Basic Tee-
As long as you've got a couple of basic t-shirts in your wardrobe, you'll never be stuck on what to wear. I've recently bought a couple from Topshop - one grey, one white. I'll get plenty of wear out of these (She says, sounding like her mother) the v-neck is so flattering and they're super soft! At only £12 each, they are a steal. You could even grab a crew neck t-shirt from the mens section a size too big, roll up the sleeves and pair it with some denim shorts. 

The Denim Shorts-
Due to being a long legged lady, I find it difficult to shop for shorts that offer more than minimal coverage to the booty. So, this year I'm going to hit up a few of my local vintage and charity shops to find myself a pair of oversized shorts that have a bit of wear and moment in them. That's unless, the high street offers a certain something that I just couldn't refuse...

The Knee Length Skirt-
The only skirt to be seen in this Spring is the Midi. (My favourite offering is by Kristopher Kane:HERE) and as I'm sure you're all well aware by now- I'm not a skirt wearer. Many friends have tried to sway me into the maxi skirt fad of '13, as my height leaves me with the ability to carry one off without it dragging along the floor, but none have yet to succeed. I can imagine if I were to own a skirt, the Midi would be a high priority on my shopping list. They hit perfectly on the knee - so nothing to be afraid of here - and show the perfect amount of skin for me. Worn with a cute sweater or a pair of converse they suit all variety of body shapes. This year if I manage to concur my skirt wearing phobia and own just one in my closet - I'll be a happy girl.

The Bold Dress-
Who remembers my first dress purchase of the year? - of many years, might I add - that I posted HERE? Well, I knew this couldn't be the only dress to get me through the year and  cant I get a 'hallelujah' - Zara have brought out more colours. Oh yes. This vibrant orange is popping up all over the shop (see what I did there?) and every time I spot it I'm drawn in, like a moth to a bright orange flame. I imagine this dress with a pair of chunky sandals, an oversized bag/rucksack and a pair of shades. OR for those who lead a more adventurous life than I - to a fancy evening BBQ, a pair of heels. A basic block colour dress will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe this season.

The Printed Dress-
2 basic rules to live by when it comes to dresses - so I've learnt flicking through endless magazines - you need to throw a good ol' print into the mix. Behold - 'the printed dress'. Look at it. *drools*. Slip ya freshly painted tootsies into some chunky heeled sandals, grab your bag of choice and you're done. It's as simple as that.


There you have it, ladies. My breakdown of the best budget basics and key items to set up home in our SS14 wardrobe. I'm not saying this is all you need, I know us gals love to haul, but as a basic guideline to help our wardrobe along its way, we wont go far wrong...

What is your favourite basic for SS14? 

E x



  1. I walked past Zara the other day and they have gorgeous coats I had to pop in, I wanted them all!

    Grace :)

  2. Tell me about it! The pastel colours aren't always as versatile as good ol' black (not practical for spring/summer??) - but they are beautiful! :)

    E x


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