Saturday, 1 March 2014

Out & About in London O.O.T.D

Yesterday, I got up extra (extra) early and got my butt on the 7 O'clock bus headed towards the big smoke! After assessing the 6AM weather - stepping outside the front door, jiffling around in the cold and deciding it was pretty fresh - I decided against the first outing of my grey Zara dress (Plan A) and resorted to Plan B. So here's a little O.O.T.D for you, right next to a red telephone box. Because yano - When in London...

Hat - Carhartt. 
Leaving the house without this was not an option. It has been a staple in my wardrobe over this winter, I've paired it with almost every outfit.

Scarf - Accessorize.
I love this scarf, its like a blanket! (It served that purpose on the loong bus journey) 
Tartan was a huge trend for AW13, wrapping this scarf around my neck kept me warm and snug. My 2 favourite things in this chilly weather.

Top - Zara.
Last summer, I had an unhealthy amount of stripes in my wardrobe. Whenever I enter a shop, I'm drawn to the stripes. I love to bring this oversized t-shirt out when I'm relaxing at home - but this time, it ventured out of the house.

Trousers - Zara.
You cant go wrong with a black pair of trousers. I love the pockets on thses, which have leather edging - It's all about the detail. 
p.s I'm still searching for that 'perfect' leather skirt, I mentioned my quest to find one in my SS14 post. It's still happening...

Coat - Mango.
I bought this coat in November, and wear it most days. It took me a while to find an oversized coat that suited - but this is the one. I like to roll up the sleeves to show the satin lining underneath, adding a personal adjustment to the usual long sleeve.

Trainers - Nike.
Comfiest damn shoes I've ever put on my feet. I knew I was going to wear these bad boys before I settled on the rest of my outfit choice. Lots of walking means I bring out these trusty Nikes and I'll definitely be purchasing some more. I have my eye on these babies. Oh Yess. 

Nails - NYC Expert Last Nail Polish "Mint Macaroon"

Obviously, I hit some shops whilst I was out & about in London. I picked up a few bits that I cant grab in Norwich. Blog posts are in the making..

E x 


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