Sunday, 23 March 2014

Casual Sunday #4: The Bourjois Base

As the warmer weather draws in, winter bases are pushed to the back of my shelf - unless I'm off out in the evening and my base requires higher coverage -and the lighter offerings enter my rotation. This week I'm bringing to you a product that won't leave you strapped for cash, unlike last weeks luxurious Aesop Face Masque. (Read: HERE
I've heard on the grape vine that the 123 Perfect CC Cream by Bourjois acts like a tinted moisturiser, with a tad more coverage. So at the more affordable price than other tinted offerings at £9.99 I went and picked one up... 

I settled on the shade 32 'Light Beige' which is a great match for me, the perfect colour to allow for a little bronzing when summer arrives. (Which it eventually will.) This little gem boasts 3 pigments: Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness (this, I need.) and White for anti-dark spots. All of which are noticeable after application. I should probably add at this point that in the past I have broken out after using Bourjois formulas, but I've had no issues with the CC Cream, maybe because it's lighter? I don't know. 
Application wise, I can definitely notice the anti-fatigue waking up my skin and it's ability to rid my skin of noticeable redness. It's great to slap on with your digits or the usual Real Techniques Buffing Brush - that every lady has in her stash - and glides over the skin, not highlighting dry areas, but not concealing them either - So maybe this isn't one for overly dry skin types?
The formula does feel just like a moisturiser but with a tad more coverage. As expected it doesn't cover everything, but that's what we're after, right? I just grab my concealer and dab it where needed and that's my base - done. 
The amazing thing about this product is that it has surprising staying power for a CC Cream. I love the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturser - and I might still pick this up when I want an even more invisible base - but it does tend to shine up pretty easy. With the 123 CC Cream, I don't tend to powder it on first application in the morning and it lasts me well into the afternoon, before I inevitably have to rummage in my bag for my compact.

Trick people into thinking you've gone bare and grab a tube of this CC Cream for them fresh faced summer months.

WARNING: Beware of flashback. My boyfriend and I took a selfie and I sported a face that resembled the moon. Not a good look.

Have you already grown to love this product yourself?

E x


  1. Nice detailed review. You have a very relatable style of writing. I was a liver of Bourjois foundations because they are super pale like myself, but unfortunately i need more coverage than this foundation could offer!

    Would you like to follow each other? Let me know :)

  2. Thank you so much for your sweet comment! :)
    As I said, I usually have brake out issues with bourjois but this baby is brilliant! Just enough coverage to make me look healthy and awake! Ha

    You're blog looks great! Very colourful :) x


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