Sunday, 9 March 2014

Casual Sunday#2: Sunday Skin

It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of Origins - my Complimentary Facial lead the start of a love affair that I'm willing to fully indulge in. (Read my full review:HERE
With the aim to switch up my routine I tried and tested a few products, all of which I'm really impressed with. I've discovered that Origins well and truly bring it in the skincare department and the Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisture Lotion has really come through for me...

The Basics? I was after a lotion that I could use for both my morning and evening routine (Make no mistake though, I have my sights set on the High Potency Nite-A-Mins Cream. It's dreeamy) and after trying this lotion for a couple of weeks, all my prayers were answered. The formula is incredibly light weight and doesn't encourage my combination skin, no shine to be seen. 'Balanced Diet' is designed to correct the your skin, ensuring that combination skin is balanced everywhere. Dry patches are moisturised by the Wheat and Soy Protein in the formula, oilier zones treated with Konjac Powder, which absorbs all the nasty excess oils that leads the skin to having too much glow. (Hello, shiny t-zone!) 

The downside? The packaging. I love the mint green colouring, the shape of the tub, and looks great next to my United State Tonic. But, It doesn't have a pump dispenser. I didn't really think much of it when I purchased the bottle, but having to pour the product into my hand means things get messy and I can't measure how much I need. A 'one pump and you're done' system works better for me. Saying that though, I still frickin' love the stuff and the lack of pump action won't part us.

So there you have it girls, perfect no-fuss Sunday Skin in a bottle. Dry patches avoided and just enough glow to make you look fresh and wide awake - which I often am not! Not applying make up has never been so rewarding...

What is your favourite Origins offering? I should really test out some of their make up... *searches internet*

E x


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