Sunday, 16 March 2014

Casual Sunday #3: An Aesop Masque

Recently, Skincare has really become a thing for me. I'm allll over blog review's and testing out the products which are making you all go weak at the knees. So, an obvious choice for my next skincare hit will come as no surprise. You may have read many a review on this product - so I'll try and keep it to the point - but it just couldn't go unmentioned on my blog either. It deserves to be raved about! So, enter the Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque...

A clay mask has been high on my list of products to try as a good deep cleanse once a week is key in my skincare routine. This mask is highly recommended by various beauty bloggers, and I can see why.  
Let's start with the aroma - it's good, so good. The scent is really fresh and my nose detected the Lavender in the product straight away! The smell makes the application of this mask that much more enjoyable and refreshing from the get go. It's light in consistency and glides over the skin with ease, which means you can keep building the coverage until its as thick as you'd like - serious pampering. It starts to 'set' pretty quick - as a first timer with clay mask's, this was the fun part for me - with every passing second my skin felt tighter and I looked more statuesque. (too the sweet surprise of my boyfriend once I enter a room) The tightness made me aware that my face was receiving a deep clean and the mask was working on banishing all the nasties that get down deep in there and just won't budge.
I left it on for 20 minutes and then used a damp wash cloth to wipe away the clay. Hello, silky smooth skin! Impurities - gone. A big plus was how easy the removal was, it took me by surprise as I thought I'd have a battle on my hands after reading reviews on other brands which spout their own range of clay masks. After removal there was a slight dryness to my skin and I had to follow almost immediately with my toner and moisturiser, I'd expect nothing less after a deep cleanse treatment, and my skin drank it up!

The Aesop Masque gets a 'hell yes' from me! After using up my teeny tiny samples (it's a way of life for me) I've been left with a Aesop shaped hole in my pamper routine that I have to fill, when pay day comes around, that is...

Have you given this holy grail product a go? 

E x 


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