Sunday, 2 March 2014

Casual Sunday #1: A Magazine HAUL

On my recent trip to London I picked up some magazines that I can't get hold of in Norwich. I'm not going to lie - the main focus of my shopping day was to grab these. I seem to have grown an attraction to magazines lately, I never used to stray further than your usual gossip offerings and fashion house cataloques but these were worth the long bus journey to get them. I'm tellin' ya...

This magazine seems to be every beauty bloggers one true love - so I picked it up in a little newsagents off Covent Garden and read it on my train journey home. I can't say the front cover attracted me to it (next months issue- Victoria Beckham. I'm all over that) but what was inside was true beauty galore. I just love that its filled with beauty tips, tutorials, and beauty's best buys. I'll be grabbing this every month from now on. Hopefully via the beauty of the internet.

the gentlewoman-
I've wanted to pick this chunky mag up of ages (Did anyone see the issue with Beyonce on the front cover? So bummed I missed that one.) The Gentlewomen is the sister magazine of FANTASTIC MANAnother good'n to check out if you're into men's fashion. 
Anyway, the striking colour on the shelf caught my eye and then I noticed the lady staring back at me- Vivienne Westwood. It was the last one on the shelf and my arms were reached out for it. She was mine. I haven't actually read the artical yet- It's a whopper. But I've flicked through the beautiful images and I looove. The Gentlewoman's pages start off glossy, typical of most high fashion magazines, but once you reach Vivienne the paper stock is replaced with thicker textural paper. A nice touch to the editorial that, in my opinion, allows you to know you've reached the trophy piece of the magazine and helps carries the weight of the no doubt wise words vivienne shares within the interview. 
I'll probably be reading that whilst you're reading this. Perfect read for a Sunday.

Now, this little gem was the first to make the list. Ever since coming across Betty online I was hooked. Their site is split into various sections 'Blog', 'Beauty', 'At Home', 'Fashion' etc. and the magazine doesn't disappoint either! When you enter the pages you'll find baked goods, 'how to's and fashion tips. This issue has an awesome feature about illustrator Tim Walker and his book 'The Granny Alphabet'. Each letter of the alphabet brings you a word and a witty illustration along side it. This month 'C' is for chic...

Such a feel good mag, embracing the cute things in life! Their summer edition is out at the end of May- put the date in your diary!

What magazines have you added to your stock lately? I'd love some recommendations!

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