Sunday, 30 March 2014

The Review: A BirchBox Subscription

I can't believe I've only just discovered the world of BirchBox! As you may know, I'm a lover of samples and testing out new products, so paying £10 a month for a subscription and receiving up to 5 testers that are either hand picked favourites from their monthly collab (this month it was the handbag queen herself - LuLu Guinness) or just a variety of greatness from many well-known brands is a no brainer for me.

I obviously can't type up this post and speak from much personal experience as this is only my first box, but what I can say is that...

  1. The packaging it came it was super cute, especially the draw string bag which I shall be reusing as my Birchbox samples build.
  2. The welcome card was a nice personal touch that made opening my first box, unknowing of what was inside, even more exciting!
  3. The card that comes in the box with the product break down is so handy. It tells you what the product does, how/where to apply and how much it retails at full size - just incase you want to make an impulse purchase.
  4. With each box you gain points, which you can use for said impulse buy.
  5. You don't have to sign up to 6 months/a year straight off, you can subscribe monthly and cancel at any point - not that you ever should.

Maybe you've been umming and ahhing about whether to delve into the BirchBox Community?

or maybe you're a first time subscriber like myself? 
One thing is for sure, I'm all set to charge towards the door like a mutt on a mission when my next delivery arrives. Hurry up postman...

E x


Thursday, 27 March 2014

A Budget Beauty Post: Cellardoor Magazine #2

Once again, I've had the pleasure to collaborate with the girls over at Cellardoor Magazine to bring you all a new 'Budget Beauty' tip. I'm thrilled to have another post up on their blog that I can share with you guys!

In the second instalment on the topic of 'Budget Beauty' we talk D.I.Y Hair Masks. 
Treat your barnet to salon hair, without the hefty price tag!

Check it out HERE


E x

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

The Style Edit: All These Little Things...

Almost every day I wear the same accessories. That's right - the same well-loved rings slip onto my fingers and my favourite Casio clasps around my wrist. SO, I thought such dedication to said items deserves a blog post, right? I'm letting you guys in on the accessories that come top of the class, without a doubt making an appearance every. darn. day. 
(the shades and the bag only come out when the sun is shining!)

The Rings-
First things first - Rings. Like my girl Beyonce says - "If you like it then you should have put a ring on it". In my case, 3 rings make it onto these digits. *waves fingers in the air*

Left: Like a magpie, I'm drawn to all rings that sport a lump of shiny rock, So when I saw this amber ring in a shop window whilst in Gibraltar, I had to make it mine. It's huge and I adore it. I wear it on my index finger and happen to have some studs that match. (that wasn't intentional- fate) I get many a compliment on this ring and it's a great statement to an outfit.
Back: Gemstones are an ongoing theme in my accessory stash (I told you- magpie.) This green amber ring I bought from a cute market stall on London's Southbank at Christmas and It's set up home on my middle finger on my left hand. I love the delicateness of this ring and I dont want to distract from that, so it's the only item that lives on this hand. 
Right: My thumb ring. I like the simplicity on this band, yet it looks like its been melted into the obscure shape in the middle. I wear this on the same hand as my giant amber ring, the perfect pairing.

The Watch-
Up until my first part time job as a youngster - where a watch was needed to count down the hours until home time - I never used to wear a watch. Now, I couldn't be without one. I picked up this Casio on ASOS after admiring it on many a wrist of passers by. I had toy'd between the gold and the rose gold choices. *insert heart eyes emoticon* 
Finally settling on the gold. As gorgeous as rose gold is, this baby is timeless and although they look rather masculine, the small size add's a touch of feminine edge and a little somthin' somthin' to any outfit.

The Necklaces-
I used to be a lover of statement necklaces, don't get me wrong, I'll still pull one out every once in a while, but on a daily basis a dainty necklace is my go to. 
Triangle: My friend got me this for Christmas after she'd see me eyeing in up in Topshop on a shopping outing. I love the combination of black and gold and you can put this baby around your neck with just about anything.
Elephant: How cute is this?? Again, a present from a friend - who knows me so well, might I add - this diddy elephant necklace is adorable, with it's tribal print and rustic edge. It sits higher up on my neck than I would like - I'm terrible with task of buying longer chains - but this necklace means a lot to me as my friend chose it knowing it'd drive me crazy! I'm in love.

The Shades-
Obviously I only wear these when the sun is willing, but they are currently stored in my handbag awaiting use. I have a thing for shades with tortoise shell effect, I think my previous 2 have all sported the print - yes I loose shades, alot - as my face is mostly made up of my chubby cheeks I find it hard to find 'trendy' shades. The shape of this pair is usually what I go for and they aren't too ridiculous that I can't pull them off. Let the sun shine, baby.

The Small Bag-
With the warmer weather looming and beach trips being inevitable, the big black winter bag is out, and the smaller bag is in. This bag was a Topshop find but I love how vintage it looks. It's quite rigid, so not a lot of movement there, but it's great for days when you don't need to carry much at all. 

There you have it, the accessories that clutter my fingers and adorn myself on the regular. 
Do you have your own accessory love? 

E x

Sunday, 23 March 2014

Casual Sunday #4: The Bourjois Base

As the warmer weather draws in, winter bases are pushed to the back of my shelf - unless I'm off out in the evening and my base requires higher coverage -and the lighter offerings enter my rotation. This week I'm bringing to you a product that won't leave you strapped for cash, unlike last weeks luxurious Aesop Face Masque. (Read: HERE
I've heard on the grape vine that the 123 Perfect CC Cream by Bourjois acts like a tinted moisturiser, with a tad more coverage. So at the more affordable price than other tinted offerings at £9.99 I went and picked one up... 

I settled on the shade 32 'Light Beige' which is a great match for me, the perfect colour to allow for a little bronzing when summer arrives. (Which it eventually will.) This little gem boasts 3 pigments: Apricot for anti-fatigue, Green for anti-redness (this, I need.) and White for anti-dark spots. All of which are noticeable after application. I should probably add at this point that in the past I have broken out after using Bourjois formulas, but I've had no issues with the CC Cream, maybe because it's lighter? I don't know. 
Application wise, I can definitely notice the anti-fatigue waking up my skin and it's ability to rid my skin of noticeable redness. It's great to slap on with your digits or the usual Real Techniques Buffing Brush - that every lady has in her stash - and glides over the skin, not highlighting dry areas, but not concealing them either - So maybe this isn't one for overly dry skin types?
The formula does feel just like a moisturiser but with a tad more coverage. As expected it doesn't cover everything, but that's what we're after, right? I just grab my concealer and dab it where needed and that's my base - done. 
The amazing thing about this product is that it has surprising staying power for a CC Cream. I love the Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturser - and I might still pick this up when I want an even more invisible base - but it does tend to shine up pretty easy. With the 123 CC Cream, I don't tend to powder it on first application in the morning and it lasts me well into the afternoon, before I inevitably have to rummage in my bag for my compact.

Trick people into thinking you've gone bare and grab a tube of this CC Cream for them fresh faced summer months.

WARNING: Beware of flashback. My boyfriend and I took a selfie and I sported a face that resembled the moon. Not a good look.

Have you already grown to love this product yourself?

E x

Wednesday, 19 March 2014

The Spring/Summer 'Basics' Wardrobe

This year, unlike others previous, I'm preparing myself for the trends that will drop this season with a breakdown of key items that shall make their homes on hangers in my wardrobe. I'm notorious for sifting through clothes rails, overwhelmed by the short skirts and strappy tops that may soon adorn my body, and instead opting for the usual suspects - shorts and a t-shirt.
So, I've complied a list of 'Basics', some that might already have a home in our closets, to help stop the endless rail browsing once and for all. Allowing ourselves to enter a shop knowing what we're after and if you're me, not be afraid to try new things. Let's start embracing our Spring/Summer wardrobes, Ladies!

The Spring Coat-
Even though Spring is upon us, don't be hasty and shun aside your coat for a lighter offering. 
Spring coats are all over the high street at the moment, many sporting soft pastel colourings and collarless neck lines, keep your outfit basic and add a spot of colour with your outerwear.

                                                                    Zara                                                                     Topshop

The Oversized Denim Jacket-
I recently got my hands on the perfect Lightweight Denim Jacket - That happens to belong to my boyfriend - you can view HERE. Denim jackets are so versatile and after a battle to find one, I'll be pairing mine with many an outfit this year. However, my luck suggests that 'said' jacket might be reclaimed by it's original owner if I'm not too careful, so I've got my back up's ready: 


The Jeans/Trousers-
You really can't go wrong with a pair of black bottoms. They look great with sandals and a strappy top, or even paired with an oversized tee and shades. I'd go for something with a little stretch for summer to give you a little movement on hotter days or evenings. Nobody wants to sweat it out in summer.
A denim pair is an obvious choosing too, Denim is a great basic for any wardrobe, whether it's winter, spring or summer. I sway towards lighter denim for the summer months as it keeps things fresh. I also avoid anything (and I mean anything) with a high waist. This pair from Zara are super cute and have zips at the ankles. I'd unzip them if I was keeping it casual with a pair of sandals!

The Basic Tee-
As long as you've got a couple of basic t-shirts in your wardrobe, you'll never be stuck on what to wear. I've recently bought a couple from Topshop - one grey, one white. I'll get plenty of wear out of these (She says, sounding like her mother) the v-neck is so flattering and they're super soft! At only £12 each, they are a steal. You could even grab a crew neck t-shirt from the mens section a size too big, roll up the sleeves and pair it with some denim shorts. 

The Denim Shorts-
Due to being a long legged lady, I find it difficult to shop for shorts that offer more than minimal coverage to the booty. So, this year I'm going to hit up a few of my local vintage and charity shops to find myself a pair of oversized shorts that have a bit of wear and moment in them. That's unless, the high street offers a certain something that I just couldn't refuse...

The Knee Length Skirt-
The only skirt to be seen in this Spring is the Midi. (My favourite offering is by Kristopher Kane:HERE) and as I'm sure you're all well aware by now- I'm not a skirt wearer. Many friends have tried to sway me into the maxi skirt fad of '13, as my height leaves me with the ability to carry one off without it dragging along the floor, but none have yet to succeed. I can imagine if I were to own a skirt, the Midi would be a high priority on my shopping list. They hit perfectly on the knee - so nothing to be afraid of here - and show the perfect amount of skin for me. Worn with a cute sweater or a pair of converse they suit all variety of body shapes. This year if I manage to concur my skirt wearing phobia and own just one in my closet - I'll be a happy girl.

The Bold Dress-
Who remembers my first dress purchase of the year? - of many years, might I add - that I posted HERE? Well, I knew this couldn't be the only dress to get me through the year and  cant I get a 'hallelujah' - Zara have brought out more colours. Oh yes. This vibrant orange is popping up all over the shop (see what I did there?) and every time I spot it I'm drawn in, like a moth to a bright orange flame. I imagine this dress with a pair of chunky sandals, an oversized bag/rucksack and a pair of shades. OR for those who lead a more adventurous life than I - to a fancy evening BBQ, a pair of heels. A basic block colour dress will make the perfect addition to your wardrobe this season.

The Printed Dress-
2 basic rules to live by when it comes to dresses - so I've learnt flicking through endless magazines - you need to throw a good ol' print into the mix. Behold - 'the printed dress'. Look at it. *drools*. Slip ya freshly painted tootsies into some chunky heeled sandals, grab your bag of choice and you're done. It's as simple as that.


There you have it, ladies. My breakdown of the best budget basics and key items to set up home in our SS14 wardrobe. I'm not saying this is all you need, I know us gals love to haul, but as a basic guideline to help our wardrobe along its way, we wont go far wrong...

What is your favourite basic for SS14? 

E x


Sunday, 16 March 2014

Casual Sunday #3: An Aesop Masque

Recently, Skincare has really become a thing for me. I'm allll over blog review's and testing out the products which are making you all go weak at the knees. So, an obvious choice for my next skincare hit will come as no surprise. You may have read many a review on this product - so I'll try and keep it to the point - but it just couldn't go unmentioned on my blog either. It deserves to be raved about! So, enter the Aesop's Parsley Seed Cleansing Masque...

A clay mask has been high on my list of products to try as a good deep cleanse once a week is key in my skincare routine. This mask is highly recommended by various beauty bloggers, and I can see why.  
Let's start with the aroma - it's good, so good. The scent is really fresh and my nose detected the Lavender in the product straight away! The smell makes the application of this mask that much more enjoyable and refreshing from the get go. It's light in consistency and glides over the skin with ease, which means you can keep building the coverage until its as thick as you'd like - serious pampering. It starts to 'set' pretty quick - as a first timer with clay mask's, this was the fun part for me - with every passing second my skin felt tighter and I looked more statuesque. (too the sweet surprise of my boyfriend once I enter a room) The tightness made me aware that my face was receiving a deep clean and the mask was working on banishing all the nasties that get down deep in there and just won't budge.
I left it on for 20 minutes and then used a damp wash cloth to wipe away the clay. Hello, silky smooth skin! Impurities - gone. A big plus was how easy the removal was, it took me by surprise as I thought I'd have a battle on my hands after reading reviews on other brands which spout their own range of clay masks. After removal there was a slight dryness to my skin and I had to follow almost immediately with my toner and moisturiser, I'd expect nothing less after a deep cleanse treatment, and my skin drank it up!

The Aesop Masque gets a 'hell yes' from me! After using up my teeny tiny samples (it's a way of life for me) I've been left with a Aesop shaped hole in my pamper routine that I have to fill, when pay day comes around, that is...

Have you given this holy grail product a go? 

E x 


Wednesday, 12 March 2014

An Impromptu O.O.T.D.

Yesterday, I threw caution to the wind and whacked out the shades - mid March. Crazy right?! I ditched my winter jacket to embrace the warmth of the day and saw an impromptu photo opportunity- and I took it. (excuse the iPhone photo. My trusty camera wasn't on hand)

Denim Jacket-
I've always shunned the idea of a denim jacket. Don't get me wrong, the thought to purchase one has always been in the back of my mind whilst browsing charity shops but nothing ever clicked, so I'd just move onto the next rail. This Denim jacket I found in the back of my boyfriends wardrobe and I just love it. It's a little large - or should I say 'oversized'? - but with a little bit of arm rolling I can see already that I'll be chucking this on over the top of many a t-shirt or dress (if miracles happen) in the spring/summer months. This jacket is so light weight and has great movement - there is nothing worse than stiff denim - and in this spring weather if it gets chilly I'll just wrap a scraf around my neck and I'm good to go. Providing my boyfriend doesn't take it back...

Lightweight Jumper-
Is anyone else guilty of steering themselves in the direction of anything a remote shade of grey? I certainly am. I'm trying to play around with colour this spring, but I cant deny my spring outfits this grey jumper. It is great for this weather - Not too thick, not too t-shirt thin. Just great. Plus - I think it was around £12.99. Definitely a bonus. 

Topshop Leigh Jeans-
I find these jeans a bit hit and miss. I own a few colours but I've found some have held their shape like a second skin, and some stretch. This pair have stretched out a little, but nothing too major (I once owned a black pair that did stretch majorly) but they're a great basic for any wardrobe.

Desert Boots-
I picked these up last summer from Office and boy did they get a lot of wear. Sadly, they have stayed indoors all winter due to being suede, So now the dryer weather has arrived they're making an appearance, once again. They're great for spring as they're so versatile, they can be worn with jeans/dresses/shorts - the lot. 

Topshop Shades-
Flat top wayfarers. I'm notorious for losing shades. I lost a pair that I grabbed from Warehouse last summer and picked these up on a particularly squinty day in London. Topshop shades are so reasonably priced and have a great range for summer. I must say though, wayfarers are as adventurous as I tend to go. I steer clear from ones that make me look like a member of The Beatles... 

Casio Watch
I love the masculinity of these Casio watches, yet the small size and gold coating add's a touch of feminine edge. 

Who else has ditched their winter wear?

E x


Sunday, 9 March 2014

Casual Sunday#2: Sunday Skin

It's no secret that I'm a massive fan of Origins - my Complimentary Facial lead the start of a love affair that I'm willing to fully indulge in. (Read my full review:HERE
With the aim to switch up my routine I tried and tested a few products, all of which I'm really impressed with. I've discovered that Origins well and truly bring it in the skincare department and the Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisture Lotion has really come through for me...

The Basics? I was after a lotion that I could use for both my morning and evening routine (Make no mistake though, I have my sights set on the High Potency Nite-A-Mins Cream. It's dreeamy) and after trying this lotion for a couple of weeks, all my prayers were answered. The formula is incredibly light weight and doesn't encourage my combination skin, no shine to be seen. 'Balanced Diet' is designed to correct the your skin, ensuring that combination skin is balanced everywhere. Dry patches are moisturised by the Wheat and Soy Protein in the formula, oilier zones treated with Konjac Powder, which absorbs all the nasty excess oils that leads the skin to having too much glow. (Hello, shiny t-zone!) 

The downside? The packaging. I love the mint green colouring, the shape of the tub, and looks great next to my United State Tonic. But, It doesn't have a pump dispenser. I didn't really think much of it when I purchased the bottle, but having to pour the product into my hand means things get messy and I can't measure how much I need. A 'one pump and you're done' system works better for me. Saying that though, I still frickin' love the stuff and the lack of pump action won't part us.

So there you have it girls, perfect no-fuss Sunday Skin in a bottle. Dry patches avoided and just enough glow to make you look fresh and wide awake - which I often am not! Not applying make up has never been so rewarding...

What is your favourite Origins offering? I should really test out some of their make up... *searches internet*

E x


Wednesday, 5 March 2014

The Food Related Post: Oh, Byron Burger.

Sticking to the theme of my recent trip to London (you'd think I'd never been before) I thought I'd share with you where my boyfriend and I stopped off for lunch. A rather BIG lunch- we were aiming to fill our bellies for the rest of the day. Hopefully this'll get your mouth watering - it is mine.

Byron Burger-

On our last trip to London we came across Byron Burger, not far away from the hustle and bustle of Covent Garden, and boy was it delicious! If you don't know already - I love a good burger. So, after getting up at ridiculous o'clock to catch the bus to London, lunch couldn't come sooner!
We sat downstairs in the basement, which was really cool, an awesome decore, it reminded me of a renovated warehouse. With metal stairs leading to the basement, large light fixtures attached to the wall and stripped back wooden floors. You could even see across the serving bar into the open kitchen. I should have got this on camera.
The guy that served us was so lovely, it was a heaving Friday lunchtime and he was rushed off his feet - This meant we had a little wait for the food to turn up, which usually wouldn't of bothered us, but a strict time limit was in order due to a tight schedule! The food was well worth the wait...

If you're ever around that area and looking to indulge in the ultimate comfort food - I'd suggest you go for the 'Byron Burger'. The glazed buns were filled cheese/bacon goodness and a BBQ sauce with a kick! Along side my choice of coleslaw and skin on fries, I was ready to tuck in. Yummm. 
Adam had the same, but went for a side of Mac 'n' Cheese. I have to say, Mac 'n' Cheese Isnt something that has been on offer in other burger bars I've ate at- best idea ever I might add- but the menu is reflected on burger joints the owner came across in America. So it all makes sense! (As well as the cream soda Adam had to top it all off) If I lived in America I'd be in food heaven. Dangerous. 

If you have any suggestions on where to grab a messy burger - we want to hit up as many a possible - write a comment down below!

Let me know if you enjoy these food related posts - I'm sure I can find many more where these came from.

E x


Sunday, 2 March 2014

Casual Sunday #1: A Magazine HAUL

On my recent trip to London I picked up some magazines that I can't get hold of in Norwich. I'm not going to lie - the main focus of my shopping day was to grab these. I seem to have grown an attraction to magazines lately, I never used to stray further than your usual gossip offerings and fashion house cataloques but these were worth the long bus journey to get them. I'm tellin' ya...

This magazine seems to be every beauty bloggers one true love - so I picked it up in a little newsagents off Covent Garden and read it on my train journey home. I can't say the front cover attracted me to it (next months issue- Victoria Beckham. I'm all over that) but what was inside was true beauty galore. I just love that its filled with beauty tips, tutorials, and beauty's best buys. I'll be grabbing this every month from now on. Hopefully via the beauty of the internet.

the gentlewoman-
I've wanted to pick this chunky mag up of ages (Did anyone see the issue with Beyonce on the front cover? So bummed I missed that one.) The Gentlewomen is the sister magazine of FANTASTIC MANAnother good'n to check out if you're into men's fashion. 
Anyway, the striking colour on the shelf caught my eye and then I noticed the lady staring back at me- Vivienne Westwood. It was the last one on the shelf and my arms were reached out for it. She was mine. I haven't actually read the artical yet- It's a whopper. But I've flicked through the beautiful images and I looove. The Gentlewoman's pages start off glossy, typical of most high fashion magazines, but once you reach Vivienne the paper stock is replaced with thicker textural paper. A nice touch to the editorial that, in my opinion, allows you to know you've reached the trophy piece of the magazine and helps carries the weight of the no doubt wise words vivienne shares within the interview. 
I'll probably be reading that whilst you're reading this. Perfect read for a Sunday.

Now, this little gem was the first to make the list. Ever since coming across Betty online I was hooked. Their site is split into various sections 'Blog', 'Beauty', 'At Home', 'Fashion' etc. and the magazine doesn't disappoint either! When you enter the pages you'll find baked goods, 'how to's and fashion tips. This issue has an awesome feature about illustrator Tim Walker and his book 'The Granny Alphabet'. Each letter of the alphabet brings you a word and a witty illustration along side it. This month 'C' is for chic...

Such a feel good mag, embracing the cute things in life! Their summer edition is out at the end of May- put the date in your diary!

What magazines have you added to your stock lately? I'd love some recommendations!

E x


Saturday, 1 March 2014

Out & About in London O.O.T.D

Yesterday, I got up extra (extra) early and got my butt on the 7 O'clock bus headed towards the big smoke! After assessing the 6AM weather - stepping outside the front door, jiffling around in the cold and deciding it was pretty fresh - I decided against the first outing of my grey Zara dress (Plan A) and resorted to Plan B. So here's a little O.O.T.D for you, right next to a red telephone box. Because yano - When in London...

Hat - Carhartt. 
Leaving the house without this was not an option. It has been a staple in my wardrobe over this winter, I've paired it with almost every outfit.

Scarf - Accessorize.
I love this scarf, its like a blanket! (It served that purpose on the loong bus journey) 
Tartan was a huge trend for AW13, wrapping this scarf around my neck kept me warm and snug. My 2 favourite things in this chilly weather.

Top - Zara.
Last summer, I had an unhealthy amount of stripes in my wardrobe. Whenever I enter a shop, I'm drawn to the stripes. I love to bring this oversized t-shirt out when I'm relaxing at home - but this time, it ventured out of the house.

Trousers - Zara.
You cant go wrong with a black pair of trousers. I love the pockets on thses, which have leather edging - It's all about the detail. 
p.s I'm still searching for that 'perfect' leather skirt, I mentioned my quest to find one in my SS14 post. It's still happening...

Coat - Mango.
I bought this coat in November, and wear it most days. It took me a while to find an oversized coat that suited - but this is the one. I like to roll up the sleeves to show the satin lining underneath, adding a personal adjustment to the usual long sleeve.

Trainers - Nike.
Comfiest damn shoes I've ever put on my feet. I knew I was going to wear these bad boys before I settled on the rest of my outfit choice. Lots of walking means I bring out these trusty Nikes and I'll definitely be purchasing some more. I have my eye on these babies. Oh Yess. 

Nails - NYC Expert Last Nail Polish "Mint Macaroon"

Obviously, I hit some shops whilst I was out & about in London. I picked up a few bits that I cant grab in Norwich. Blog posts are in the making..

E x 

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