Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Weekend Post: The Weekend Fragrances

I thought I'd let you guys into my weekend fragrance selection. Because all us gals have our 'special occasion' and 'everyday' spritz choices. These two Jo Malone Cologne's I received for Christmas (Sorry, I know we're in February and uttering the word 'Christmas' is frowned upon) are a 'two spritz and you're done' kind of deal. I've really wanted to try Jo Malone as I've heard resounding applause about her whole range, especially the candles. (I've discovered candles recently, but that's a whole other topic. I'm turning into my mother.) 
Vanilla & Anise-  I've been a lover of Diesel 'Fuel For Life' for many years (A teen fragrance that I've always repurchased) but I thought it was time to put the much loved bottle down, push my teen years to one side and move along to something new. Vanilla & Anise is nearly a spot on match, but it's a lot softer and has a sweet vanilla undertone. Being a softer scent, it doesn't seem to hang around as long as others I've previously owned, but after a few hours wear I still get compliments and the occasional waft myself. I've heard the way you know a fragrance suits you is that others can smell it, but you cant? Either way, I love this Jo Malone offering and I spritz myself with it on 'Date Nights' and my boyfriend always compliments. It's doing its job.
Peony & Rose Blush- This is my weekend day time fragrance. I love a good floral scent and this reminds me of my Jimmy Choo that I spray myself with most days during the week. It has good staying power, and again, two squirts and you're done. I can see myself reaching for this a lot over the coming summer. The packaging is also super dainty and chic.
Perfect handbag size you say? Yep.
What's your fragrance that has noses twitching?
E x

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