Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Budget Blouse

Going out this evening after deciding to avoid last night's large crowds/loved up couples leering at each other over their spaghetti bolognese? (Classic Lady and The Tramp visual?) or maybe you're just going for a spot of Saturday retail therapy? (Therapy not promised - things can get hectic on a Saturday!) I've found the perfect blouse, for the perfect price...

One thing that has been missing from my wardrobe is a classic long sleeve blouse. My wardrobe adorns long sleeve casual shirts and 'going out' strappy blouses, but nothing for the fancier trips out where I might want a longer sleeve, or I don't want to carry a jacket to cover up my arms when it gets chilly. It's something I've found myself rummaging through my wardrobe for (only to discover time again that it's an item I don't posses) or borrowing from my flat mate as my search for one has been somewhat lengthy

I came across this blouse whilst perusing the racks at Zara - The same trip that prompted my dress purchase -  for the purse friendly price of £19.99. I love that the blouse doesn't have a collar as it add's a touch of sophistication and it shows off more of the neck line- meaning my pretty necklaces can show themselves off. It comes in a few colour ways, so naturally I had to restrain myself as to not leave with all. Make no mistake though - I will be going back for the navy! :)
The material is quite sheer, but the pockets up top help with coverage over your lady goods.(Nothing worse than a bra faux pas) 

This blouse will be great to style up or down, carrying over from day time into evening. Switching up trousers, to a leather skirt (my search for one is still ongoing) or even smart patterned shorts. The light weight material makes this a good'n for the cool summer evening's and I can just see me now, sitting on the beach, cool beverage in hand...Oh hurry up summer.

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