Thursday, 6 February 2014

Origins: The Complimentary Facial

After visiting my local Origins counter a few days ago to lust over their skincare products (nothing unusual there) All their formulas are organic and made with 100% essential oils, which is what attracts me instantly to the brand.
A girl working at the counter (I do know her name but to you all she'll be called "girl on the counter") suggested I come back for a free complimentary facial. Yes, you read right, Free. How could I not take her up on the offer and book my appointment there and then? Prior to this facial, I had been a facial virgin. How I have never indulged in such luxury before, I don't know. Madness.
After perching myself in 'the chair' and reclining into a perfect 'I could fall asleep if I'm not careful' position, my first facial ever began...

(This routine was designed for me by the girl on the counter as we had previously discussed my skin type and issues I wanted to resolve. She explained to me throughout the facial the purpose of each product)

Cleanse// A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea.
This foaming cleanser is designed to rid skin of harmful impurities, pulling the dirt out of the skin but still being gentle on your face. Very refreshing for a morning 'wake me up'. The smell at first was a little unusual, but I grew to like it.

Exfoliate// Modern Friction.
This exfoliator is a combination of rice and lemon, put on dry skin, add a touch of water and massage into the face- it foams up a treat! The rice removes uneven patches and dead skin, the lemon starts the process of brightening. 

Mask#1// Clear Improvements.
A clay mask which she applied to my nose and forehead to draw out excess oils and clear the pores. Leave to 'set' on your face, work it's magic, then remove with hot water and muslin cloth.

Mask#2// Drink Up 10 Minute Mask.
I couldn't live with out the 'Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask' and this mask does the same job, but in 10 minutes. Great if you need a little booster to your skin in the mornings. (Just like it's overnight partner, It's smells divine)

Toner// United State Balancing Tonic.
This is perfect for my skin type (oily/combination). As the name suggests, it levels out the PH balance in your skin. Keeping dry skin hydrated, and oily skin under control.

Serum// Dr.Andrew Weil for Origins Face Serum.
I suffer with slight redness in my skin, this formula calms the skin and Narcissus Lily Bulbs prevents future damage. It feels so light weight and sinks deep into the layers of the skin. 

Eye Cream// Ginzing Eye.
This cream brightens and awakens the eyes, I found it had a slight glow once applied. I apply my eye lotion with my ring finger, gently massaging and following the socket of my eye, as to avoid getting product in the eye. That's never a good experience. (shampoo in the eye brings back painful memories, am I right?) I'm not sure if this eye cream is for me, but if you're a fan of the 'Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser', this product is for you!

Moisturiser// Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisture Lotion.
This moisturiser works great with the Balancing Tonic and again, great for my oily/combination skin. I prefer a light weight lotion in the morning, and a heaver cream in the evenings. So this lotion is perfect for me and leaves my skin looking and feeling plump. Great for no-makeup days when I want my skin to look fresh and hydrated.

After coming too and siting upright (completely forgot I was at the counter as customers were leisurely shopping) it was time for me to decided which items I wanted to make mine. This bit excited me. I had to be strict with myself, otherwise I'd have left with the lot. I ended up purchasing the 'United State Balancing Toner' and I also left with a selection of small samplers so I could give the routine a whirl at home. One thing is for sure, I will be returning with a short list of items to permanently place into my skincare routine.

Have you had your Complementary Origins Facial? You'd be crazy not to.

E x



  1. This sounds amazing! I really like the bottle for the toner, the sample products are quite a good size as well. I'm trying to get a decent skin care routine together at the moment.

    Grace x

  2. It really was! The sample sizes are a gift for if you purchase 2 products or more. I was just lucky that they were the samples I wanted! :)


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