Tuesday, 18 February 2014

LUSH Do Shampoo?

Who else didn't know that LUSH do shampoo? I went into the store to pick up a few bits for a pamper evening (Hello, Wiccy body bar & Dreamtime bath melt) and ended up leaving with this shampoo bar which goes by the name of - SeanikThe idea of these shampoo bars is that they don't contain any water, hense why they are solid. You just run it under water and massage the bar between your hands and hey presto you have shampoo suds. I chose this particular bar because it promises VOLUME and even though my hair is thick, some days it's lacks volume. I tend to stay away from shampoos that sport 'smooth and sleek' on the label as after a day, my hair starts to look like it needs refreshing already. Oh the trouble of having a thick mane. 

Seanik// The general jist of this bar is like so- 

Seanik has all the ingredients for successful 'Holiday Hair'. Something we all search for in the summer - effortless beach hair. The Sea Salt in this bar produces the Volume, the Seaweed the silky soft touch and the Lemon is what gives the healthy shine. This bar would be just great to take on holiday as it is so compact (A saviour for airport baggage allowance- Hallelujah!) and all the ingredients create a glowy, holidayesque barnet. 
Turns out- I'm not too keen on the Salt and Seaweed in the product. After drying my hair my locks felt, too the touch, like I had had a dip in the sea and left my hair to dry with salty water soaked into it. Also, during the washing process things got a bit notty. I've put this down to the Salt/Seaweed combo. The tangle teezer had to come out to battle through the notts.
BUT, and that's a big but, even though Seanik doesn't give me any more volume than usual (I put that down to my hair being thick and not the product. This one is for the fine haired gals) I do love the look of the end result and the feel to the touch is soft, albeit a little salty.

I'll definitely keep using this bar- mostly for the summer months. I think the idea behind the 'Shampoo Bar' is freekin' awesome and I'll be going to grab another for sure, but a different formula. I'll save this baby for the summer holiday. (which I'm still saving up for!) 

Have you given any of the LUSH Shampoo Bars a go?
They are HERE- Check them out!

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