Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Budget Beauty Post: Cellardoor Magazine #1

Today's post is a little late in the day, just a little mid-week message...

I have been lucky enough to work with the lovely ladies over at online magazine Cellardoor to contribute a blog post! Cellardoor magazine targets us ladies, offering up a dose of something for everyone. Fashion, Art, Music - the lot. This week I tackle Budget Beauty and try my hand (literally) at a D.I.Y face mask.

Head over to their blog page to see how I ended up like the photo above. 
You can find it HERE.

E x


Sunday, 23 February 2014

The Food Related Post: Cafe No.33

Yesterday my boyfriend and I celebrated our one year anniversary the best way we know how...we ate. We've been meaning take a trip for breakfast to Cafe No.33 in Norwich as so many people have raved about it,  as it's just on our doorstep we thought it was about time we checked out what goodness was on offer - and oh man was it good.

It was a no brainer that I had to order their 'Big Breakfast' after many comments about how tasty it is. It went down a treat with a glass of freshly squeezed orange juice. Mmm...

Adam opted for their 'American Pancakes' and a strong cup of coffee - The boy needs it to wake up in the morning's. I've never been a fan of pancakes (I know- I'm a sinner) after a queezy experience as I child that left me deprived of many a 'Pancake Day' as I've never been able to stomach them since. But I couldn't not risk it and take a bite, and as my experience with pancakes tend to go - this one was a good'n.  I'm still not sure about the whole bacon thing, but he loved it.

After the breakfast to beat all breakfasts, we took a stroll around Norwich as the weather was so darn lovely. What better a time to pose for an O.O.T.D?
(Blossom in the background- Hello spring.)

Coat- Zara. (Bought before christmas)
Jumper- Zara.
Trousers- Zara.
Chelsea Boots- Topshop.
Bag- Accessorize.
Scarf- Barbour.

How was your Saturday?

I'll leave you with this out-take, caught by Adam.
Until next time...

E x


Saturday, 22 February 2014

The Weekend Read: Humans Of New York - Brandon Stanton

After a loong wait to get this book in my possession, it turned up in the post the other day. (as a gift for my boyfriend, with the intention of first dibs. I love how things turn out.) I just couldn't keep the greatness within these pages to myself...
Brandon Stanton is the guy behind Humans Of New York. The whole idea surrounding HONY (if you dont already know?) is to create an extensive catalogue of 'NewYorkers', gathering short stories and quotes from the people he photographs, making them the subjects of his blog. New York is a city I long to visit and having glimpses into the daily lives of the inhabitants of New York is amazing. The stories that go alongside the images are so powerful and personal, it's hard to believe it can be captured in just a single shot. 

When HONY got released I just had to clear a space on my bookshelf ready for it's arrival, but I'm not ready to give up its space on my bedside table for the bookshelf just yet. All in due time..

Do you follow Brandon Stanton?
You can follow his journey over on his Blog and Instagram.

E x


Tuesday, 18 February 2014

LUSH Do Shampoo?

Who else didn't know that LUSH do shampoo? I went into the store to pick up a few bits for a pamper evening (Hello, Wiccy body bar & Dreamtime bath melt) and ended up leaving with this shampoo bar which goes by the name of - SeanikThe idea of these shampoo bars is that they don't contain any water, hense why they are solid. You just run it under water and massage the bar between your hands and hey presto you have shampoo suds. I chose this particular bar because it promises VOLUME and even though my hair is thick, some days it's lacks volume. I tend to stay away from shampoos that sport 'smooth and sleek' on the label as after a day, my hair starts to look like it needs refreshing already. Oh the trouble of having a thick mane. 

Seanik// The general jist of this bar is like so- 

Seanik has all the ingredients for successful 'Holiday Hair'. Something we all search for in the summer - effortless beach hair. The Sea Salt in this bar produces the Volume, the Seaweed the silky soft touch and the Lemon is what gives the healthy shine. This bar would be just great to take on holiday as it is so compact (A saviour for airport baggage allowance- Hallelujah!) and all the ingredients create a glowy, holidayesque barnet. 
Turns out- I'm not too keen on the Salt and Seaweed in the product. After drying my hair my locks felt, too the touch, like I had had a dip in the sea and left my hair to dry with salty water soaked into it. Also, during the washing process things got a bit notty. I've put this down to the Salt/Seaweed combo. The tangle teezer had to come out to battle through the notts.
BUT, and that's a big but, even though Seanik doesn't give me any more volume than usual (I put that down to my hair being thick and not the product. This one is for the fine haired gals) I do love the look of the end result and the feel to the touch is soft, albeit a little salty.

I'll definitely keep using this bar- mostly for the summer months. I think the idea behind the 'Shampoo Bar' is freekin' awesome and I'll be going to grab another for sure, but a different formula. I'll save this baby for the summer holiday. (which I'm still saving up for!) 

Have you given any of the LUSH Shampoo Bars a go?
They are HERE- Check them out!

E x


Saturday, 15 February 2014

The Budget Blouse

Going out this evening after deciding to avoid last night's large crowds/loved up couples leering at each other over their spaghetti bolognese? (Classic Lady and The Tramp visual?) or maybe you're just going for a spot of Saturday retail therapy? (Therapy not promised - things can get hectic on a Saturday!) I've found the perfect blouse, for the perfect price...

One thing that has been missing from my wardrobe is a classic long sleeve blouse. My wardrobe adorns long sleeve casual shirts and 'going out' strappy blouses, but nothing for the fancier trips out where I might want a longer sleeve, or I don't want to carry a jacket to cover up my arms when it gets chilly. It's something I've found myself rummaging through my wardrobe for (only to discover time again that it's an item I don't posses) or borrowing from my flat mate as my search for one has been somewhat lengthy

I came across this blouse whilst perusing the racks at Zara - The same trip that prompted my dress purchase -  for the purse friendly price of £19.99. I love that the blouse doesn't have a collar as it add's a touch of sophistication and it shows off more of the neck line- meaning my pretty necklaces can show themselves off. It comes in a few colour ways, so naturally I had to restrain myself as to not leave with all. Make no mistake though - I will be going back for the navy! :)
The material is quite sheer, but the pockets up top help with coverage over your lady goods.(Nothing worse than a bra faux pas) 

This blouse will be great to style up or down, carrying over from day time into evening. Switching up trousers, to a leather skirt (my search for one is still ongoing) or even smart patterned shorts. The light weight material makes this a good'n for the cool summer evening's and I can just see me now, sitting on the beach, cool beverage in hand...Oh hurry up summer.

E x


Friday, 14 February 2014

The 'Un-Dressy' Dress

This will come as a shocker to the people that know me, but for those of you that don't, let's start by saying- I don't wear dresses. I'm a jumper & jeans kind of girl in the winter, and a t-shirt & shorts lover in the summer months. So, when I was browsing the new collections in Zara last week and found myself drawn to this grey number^, I found myself picking it up and making my way to the changing rooms. I didn't even need to persuade myself to make this out of character purchase for me- odd. It's the perfect 'Un-Dressy Dress' for me - not too clingy, not too short. It hits me just above the knee and has a graduated hem at the back.

For these chilly months I like to dress it with a pair of tights (fleece lined- whaat?and my black chelsea boots. Keeping the layers going with my Barbour scarf (Best Christmas present of 2013 goes too..) oversized coat that is also from Zara and Carhartt hat. You'll find this permanently on my head.
For the benefit of the photos I bared my legs-quickly regretting that decision due to the freezing temperatures. For them warmer summer months I think I'll team this dress (and dem legs) with a pair of trainers or sandals.

Hopefully there's more where this came from- maybe even the odd floaty number?!

Next stop- Skirts. (oh boy.)

E x 


Sunday, 9 February 2014

The Weekend Post: The Weekend Fragrances

I thought I'd let you guys into my weekend fragrance selection. Because all us gals have our 'special occasion' and 'everyday' spritz choices. These two Jo Malone Cologne's I received for Christmas (Sorry, I know we're in February and uttering the word 'Christmas' is frowned upon) are a 'two spritz and you're done' kind of deal. I've really wanted to try Jo Malone as I've heard resounding applause about her whole range, especially the candles. (I've discovered candles recently, but that's a whole other topic. I'm turning into my mother.) 
Vanilla & Anise-  I've been a lover of Diesel 'Fuel For Life' for many years (A teen fragrance that I've always repurchased) but I thought it was time to put the much loved bottle down, push my teen years to one side and move along to something new. Vanilla & Anise is nearly a spot on match, but it's a lot softer and has a sweet vanilla undertone. Being a softer scent, it doesn't seem to hang around as long as others I've previously owned, but after a few hours wear I still get compliments and the occasional waft myself. I've heard the way you know a fragrance suits you is that others can smell it, but you cant? Either way, I love this Jo Malone offering and I spritz myself with it on 'Date Nights' and my boyfriend always compliments. It's doing its job.
Peony & Rose Blush- This is my weekend day time fragrance. I love a good floral scent and this reminds me of my Jimmy Choo that I spray myself with most days during the week. It has good staying power, and again, two squirts and you're done. I can see myself reaching for this a lot over the coming summer. The packaging is also super dainty and chic.
Perfect handbag size you say? Yep.
What's your fragrance that has noses twitching?
E x

Thursday, 6 February 2014

Origins: The Complimentary Facial

After visiting my local Origins counter a few days ago to lust over their skincare products (nothing unusual there) All their formulas are organic and made with 100% essential oils, which is what attracts me instantly to the brand.
A girl working at the counter (I do know her name but to you all she'll be called "girl on the counter") suggested I come back for a free complimentary facial. Yes, you read right, Free. How could I not take her up on the offer and book my appointment there and then? Prior to this facial, I had been a facial virgin. How I have never indulged in such luxury before, I don't know. Madness.
After perching myself in 'the chair' and reclining into a perfect 'I could fall asleep if I'm not careful' position, my first facial ever began...

(This routine was designed for me by the girl on the counter as we had previously discussed my skin type and issues I wanted to resolve. She explained to me throughout the facial the purpose of each product)

Cleanse// A Perfect World Antioxidant Cleanser with White Tea.
This foaming cleanser is designed to rid skin of harmful impurities, pulling the dirt out of the skin but still being gentle on your face. Very refreshing for a morning 'wake me up'. The smell at first was a little unusual, but I grew to like it.

Exfoliate// Modern Friction.
This exfoliator is a combination of rice and lemon, put on dry skin, add a touch of water and massage into the face- it foams up a treat! The rice removes uneven patches and dead skin, the lemon starts the process of brightening. 

Mask#1// Clear Improvements.
A clay mask which she applied to my nose and forehead to draw out excess oils and clear the pores. Leave to 'set' on your face, work it's magic, then remove with hot water and muslin cloth.

Mask#2// Drink Up 10 Minute Mask.
I couldn't live with out the 'Drink Up Overnight Intensive Mask' and this mask does the same job, but in 10 minutes. Great if you need a little booster to your skin in the mornings. (Just like it's overnight partner, It's smells divine)

Toner// United State Balancing Tonic.
This is perfect for my skin type (oily/combination). As the name suggests, it levels out the PH balance in your skin. Keeping dry skin hydrated, and oily skin under control.

Serum// Dr.Andrew Weil for Origins Face Serum.
I suffer with slight redness in my skin, this formula calms the skin and Narcissus Lily Bulbs prevents future damage. It feels so light weight and sinks deep into the layers of the skin. 

Eye Cream// Ginzing Eye.
This cream brightens and awakens the eyes, I found it had a slight glow once applied. I apply my eye lotion with my ring finger, gently massaging and following the socket of my eye, as to avoid getting product in the eye. That's never a good experience. (shampoo in the eye brings back painful memories, am I right?) I'm not sure if this eye cream is for me, but if you're a fan of the 'Ginzing Energy Boosting Moisturiser', this product is for you!

Moisturiser// Balanced Diet Lightweight Moisture Lotion.
This moisturiser works great with the Balancing Tonic and again, great for my oily/combination skin. I prefer a light weight lotion in the morning, and a heaver cream in the evenings. So this lotion is perfect for me and leaves my skin looking and feeling plump. Great for no-makeup days when I want my skin to look fresh and hydrated.

After coming too and siting upright (completely forgot I was at the counter as customers were leisurely shopping) it was time for me to decided which items I wanted to make mine. This bit excited me. I had to be strict with myself, otherwise I'd have left with the lot. I ended up purchasing the 'United State Balancing Toner' and I also left with a selection of small samplers so I could give the routine a whirl at home. One thing is for sure, I will be returning with a short list of items to permanently place into my skincare routine.

Have you had your Complementary Origins Facial? You'd be crazy not to.

E x


Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Wagamamas//Worth The Hype?

Today I met up with a girlfriend for lunch and the choice of where to gorge was left to me. My choice was Wagamama's, which was a surprise even for myself. I've only ever been once before, which was quite a way back and for me it has always been a restaurant with a lot of 'hype' around it which tends to put me off. (As well as browsing the menu and having the words 'Ramen' and 'Teppanyaki' staring back at me. I'm sent into a confused mess) I put my burgers and pizza aside for today and this is what ended up on my plate...

'Duck Gyoza' - I used to be iffy about eating duck, but these are an exception to my rule. Perfect bite size, enough to share, and the hoi sin sauce is Mmmmm.

So, I had such high hopes for my main meal. But as I said, confusion hit me and I ended up with the classic 'Katsu Curry' everyone in the same food boat as me opts for. You cant really go wrong with this dish.

I don't know how I ended up in Wagamamas, as I'm a non-fish, non-prawn, non-spice lover. (go figure?) But my tummy was left full, and that's the main thing.

E x


The Wish List

Well, I've been internet window shopping. Leering over items that I'm saving my pennies for. These are some bits that at the moment don't come top priority in a wise money spending choice. But a girl can wish right?!clutches&page=0&product=903000061198
Whistles small clutch//
I've had my DKNY makeup bag for quite some time now, I've been eyeing up the Whistles clutches for many months. I just love that it has multiple uses. Perfect size for your on the go makeup, but doubles up as a beautiful evening clutch. Fancy. One day, I'll make it mine.
Real Techniques Duo Fibre Brushes//
I've got many a make up brush, but I like the idea that the duo-fibre brushes can create a lighter application. I'm all about the natural face base.
Laura Mercier Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser//
Speaking of natural face base, I have had a small tester pot of this Laura Mercier Tinted Moisturiser and I'm loving it. The colour was a little dark for me, better for summer. So I've just picked up a lighter shade and I'm going to give that a wiz. Try before you buy, girls.
  Origins United State Balancing Toner// Ginzing// High-Potency Night-A-Mins//
I'm switching up my skin care at the moment, Origins is just amazing. The products feel so natural on the skin and smell good enough to eat! I've been trying out a few testers of these bits and I'm off for a facial at the counter soon. I might have to give in a treat my skin to some TLC.
This Works Deep Sleep Night Oil//
 It's no secret that I adore the pillow spray from this range. My next bulk buy online might just have to contain a few more bits from the range. This Night Oil being one of them.

Let the saving continue! You will be mine. *drops another pound into money box*
What are you saving for?
E x

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