Sunday, 12 January 2014

The Sartorialist: Books & Blog

Next up, and making the cut into this weeks blog post, are two anthologies that I've found myself reaching for since receiving them a couple of months ago. I'm thrilled with them! (kudos to the boyfriend). Allow me to introduce you to 
The Sartorialist...

The Sartorialist is an online blog, founded by photographer Scott Schuman. I've been following his work online for a while and when these anthologies turned up in my stocking I was super happy.

Why I love them? - pages upon pages cram packed with style inspiration, shining a spotlight on city streets across the globe. It's street photography format places subjects on their streets, showcasing their style, and pushes their personality through the lens.

This isn't catwalk fashion, it's functional, wearable and classic style at it's very best. Something we can take from and develop into our own everyday style up. Genius.

Here are just a few of my favourites;

The image below (slightly blurred, my bad) is a prime example why I've been grabbing these books when I have a spare five minutes on my hands. They are just great for refreshing my mind when having to put together outfit builds (as my career is Retail and Visual Merchandising based) and thinking of classic or non-classic ways to suit and boot a gentleman, or make a lady look and feel at her best.

Now, I've saved the best until last. It such a simplistic image, but the story that goes along with it just melted my heart. Go here if you want to check out the story behind this lovely Milanese lady, who adds a touch of sparkle, just where it's needed...
Are you going to be reaching for these books just as much as I have?
 All images are my own, apart from the lovely Milanese lady. All credit to Scott Schuman. Be sure to check out The Sartorialist HERE

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