Friday, 31 January 2014

What's In My Handbag?

I thought it about time I jumped on the blogging band wagon and let you all have a peek into my handbag. As a women, there always seem to be some kind of Mary Poppins situation going on. (you know what I'm talking about) Carrying our lives around in one sturdy, structured piece of arm candy...

Bag - Accessorize. I love this bag, mainly for the size of it and the fact it's very structured. I've had bags before that have no structure, so a lot of rummaging is needed to find anything. It also comes with a strap if I want it on my shoulder some days. I paid what I thought was a reasonable price for such a versatile bag, £35. As it is a few months old now I don't think it's available to buy anymore, sorry ladies. Let me know if you maybe picked this one up in the sale?

Purse - Topshop. Now, I'm on of those women who is fully committed to her purse once she's bought it. In fact, before I bought this orange number I had my previous one for around 4 years. Commitment. Not only do I adore the colour of this purse, it has 2 separate zip compartments and a popper in the middle that reveals hidden pockets and card slots. Perfect for me as I love to keep everything in its right place. Receipts found in the bottom of your handbag is just a hassle. Am I right?

Notebook & Pen. I like to carry a notebook around with me, for the occasional 'Aha!' idea moment for a blog post, and I just jot it down. Yes, I'm a list maker. This note book is moleskin and cost around £10.

Makeup Bag. This is a DKNY bag that I got in a set of 3 vanity bags a few years ago from a House Of Fraser Sale. I love the colour, but I really want to get my hands on a Whistles "Small Clutch". This DKNY one has done the job for many years though.

Glasses. Do I need to explain why these are in my handbag? I am actually on the look out for new frames, my damn dimple cheeks make it hard for me to pull off 'cool' looking frames. Too much chub in these cheeks.

Lip Products. I always have Vaseline with me, I don't like to put anything else on my lips treatment wise at the moment as last year I had an issue with cracking lips and this was the only product not to aggravate them. I also carry a couple of lip sticks, in case I want to switch up my lip colour half way through the day. The ones taking residence at the moment are a Revlon "Lip Butter" in 'Berry Smoothie' and a Clinique "Colour Splurge Butter Shine Lipstick" in 'Pink-A-Boo'. (Colour Splurge? Love that)

Miniature Hand Cream. Clinique Deep Hand Comfort. This product is quite thick in consistency and really feels like its deep treating your paws.

Headphones. Sometimes these aren't in here if my boyfriend has got to them first. When they are present, I catch up on Youtbue on the go or listen to my Spotify playlists.

Body Spray. The Body Shop "Japanese Cherry Blossom".

Most of these things always stay in the trusty bag. I'll occasionally add my Filofax if I know I'm going to be out and about making appointments.

What items would I find taking up space in your handbag?

E x


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