Saturday, 4 January 2014

Bucket List: The Blog

With the arrival of 2014 and New Years resolutions being a popular point in conversation, I thought it about time I pushed aside my usual yearly tradition of avoiding resolutions all together and decide what I'm going to make out of my 2014.

Have you guessed yet? Yep, this blog is going to be my creative resolution of this coming year. It's something I've wanted to start for some time, as I'm a regular reader of many other blogs and watcher of the many Youtuber's of this world.

Here's a small run down of my favourite blogs that have inspired me to start mine. These blogs I just have to keep updated on. Every blog or video that goes up, I'm sure to be eagerly waiting...

ViviannaDoesMakeup - What can I say? This girl is just a beauty guru in blog form. Now, I've never been hugely into the beauty community myself, but since delving into Anna's blog I've found myself dashing to the shops to get my hands on samples of the many beauty products she's reviewed. Anna's blog posts, which are delivered daily, have a sharp-witted edge and relate to all things beauty. So, if you're a beauty fan I highly suggest you check this girl out. You can also find her over on her Youtube channel. She rocks.

LilyPebbles - This blog is also beauty related. On Lily's blog you're likely to find style tips, beauty reviews and her latest loves and must haves. I love checking in on her monthly favourite videos over on her Youtube channel. Mainly beauty indulged, but occasionally mixing it up with general lifestyle and home edits. Perfect.

EssieButton - I seem to be following a bit of an unintentional theme here as Estée is another beauty lover! Originally from Canada, I enjoy watching her videos and vlog's over on her Youtube channel as her accent is super cute and her awesome dog 'Reggie' occasionally makes an appearance! (If you're a dog lover, you'll understand) The majority of her blog posts are wrapped up little pieces of beauty heaven, but I love just chilling out in the evening before bed and catching up on what's new in the world of Estée.  

Now, it's time for me to slot in a blog love of mine that isn't related to the world of blusher, eye shadow, or bold coloured lips...

TheSartorialist - I just cant get enough of this blog. If you're like me, and you want to path out a career in the fashion industry you'll love this one too. The blog is founded by Scott Schuman, blogger and photographer and It's great for visual inspiration, keeping up to date on fashion trends and how people off the catwalks are styling up their every day outfits. There are also 2 books (which I was lucky enough to get my hands on this Christmas!) which I shall be doing a more in depth post on very soon!

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