Sunday, 19 January 2014

A Good Nights Sleep: The Perfect Partners

I've never been one to have trouble sleeping, I'm the kind of girl who's out like a light before her head hits the pillow. Lately I've settled into the perfect little routine that just helps me sink into an even deeper state of pure bliss. These are the products that help me get there...
The perfect spray- thisworks Deep Sleep Pillow Spray £16.00 via Feel Unique. I bought this spray on a whim, after noticing it circulating the blogs I follow. I hadn't even smelt it before purchase. (Crazy right?) The idea of the spray is to prepare your body for sleepy-time, the aroma relaxes your body and mind letting the stresses of the day slip away. As soon as I sprayed it onto my pillow, it took me back to when I was a kid. My mum used to spray something of a similar scent onto my pillow, which I gently inhaled as I drifted off into slumber. The scent of Lavender and Chamomile is not overwhelming and makes you feel like you have taken a trip to the spa! I've used this every night since I got it and, even though sleeping is not a trouble for me, I do feel completely de-stressed and my mind shuts off for the night. It's now it's a staple in my evening as I prepare to catch some Zzzz's.
The perfect body bar- Wicci Magic Muscles £6.25 via Lush. I had this bar a couple of years ago and I loved it. I'm not sure quite what happened or where it went, but now I've rediscovered it and once again I'm loving it. It's definitely an 'all hands on back' kind of situation (too much info?). The bar itself is hard, but as soon as it has contact with the heat of your skin it just melts, allowing it to be rubbed over the skin to relieve tired and aching muscles. The Cinnamon oil is what creates the heat on your skin, the peppermint gets the blood flowing. I think it's definitely an acquired smell, my mum doesn't like it at all. But teamed up with my thisworks spray, the comfort of my sheets and an episode or two of 'Dexter' the smells in my room work wonders, and I drift once again into my state of bliss.
Have either of these products worked their way into your evening routine? I hope so.



  1. I recently saw the pillow spray in a youtube video and thought it looked interesting! Its something I definitely want to try, It reminds me of the bears you could microwave and they came out smelling gorgeous, like lavender and Chamomile. I really need to catch up on Dexter, so good!

    Grace x

  2. I've got my eyes on a few other bits from the thisworks range! A feelunique bulk buy shall happen soon. I LOVE Dexter. I'm on the final season. My life will have no purpose when it ends haha


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