Sunday, 28 December 2014

Wandering Around The Woods


Welcome back to Eternal Sunday after this fine festive season! I do hope you all had a crackin' Christmas with loved ones and plenty of festive feeling! My head is still stuck on the little trip out Adam and I had Christmas Eve, we hit the road and headed out to Thetford Forest for a perfect winter walk! As I don't own a car, its difficult for to get to anywhere that a bus (or 3, or 4, or 5) won't take us to, but I got my hands on a car (via car rental, not theft! haha) and off we ventured out before stopping off to visit family. I've realised how much I've missed having a little car to potter around it, because I live in a city I don't have the need for a car, my legs will reluctantly take me where I need to go within a 5 minute stroll. 

I digress, of course when opportunity strikes, the camera comes out, so I managed to snap a few images before the battery ran out - not thinking ahead problems. 

There's nothing I enjoy more than being out of the city, amongst the woodlands and rural life and with clear skies all round, this day was a corker!

Sorry ladies, most items are previous season styles or appear to be sold out!

Bobble Hat - Topshop (Similar, different colour) / Jumper - & Other Stories (Similar)  
Coat - Mango (Similar) / Glasses - Toni & Guy


Wednesday, 24 December 2014

Happy Holidays - Christmas Eve Celebrations!

Merry Christmas (Eve)!

Just a little merry message from me today - in between the festive celebrations and last minute present wrapping - to wish you all a super Christmas! I'll be stepping away from the internet today (she says) and hitting the road to visit family with my boyfriend, Adam, and stopping off to take a chilly winter walk around Thetford Forest! I can't wait to grab some fresh forest air and take a little stroll (and possibly some snaps - you know the drill!) before we both fill ourselves to the brim with festive food! With only a few hours left on the countdown, the festive feeling is well and truly kicked in, currently surrounded by gifts, sweet treats and all the classic tunes, I'm deep in the festive feels! So on that note - I'll see you on the other side! 

I hope you're all in good spirits - have a bloody good one! 

Emily x


Sunday, 21 December 2014

Wanted: An Office Space Set-up

Sometimes it's hard to muster up motivation to nip outside to get the shots for blog posts, or dress up when all you want to do is slob out - especially in the winter months when the sun is out for what feels like 1 hour a day. Finding myself at home for the month of December and getting in the true spirit of Christmas (If you've ever worked in retail, you'll know my pain) and I had plans of 9-5 working for Eternal Sunday, but I've procrastinated, just a tad. So lets call it 12-6? (oops!) Also squeezing in a few hours in the late evening seems to be the theme for me. I'm such an organized person by nature, so this doesn't sit well with me atall. The issue? I have no workspace, plonking myself on different surfaces and seats around the house when typing up blog posts or editing photos. I've always been quite happy with this set-up, until recently. So, in the interest of banging out some posts a little more frequently, and the usual 'new year, new start' nonsense taking over - I'm getting myself that workspace. (A few before and after shots once fully complete? I think so.)

The aim here is to fill my work area creatively with bits and pieces that drive and inspire me. Besides the obvious of a desk and a chair, I'm thinking:

Illustrations - Quite likely to come from my Picking Up Prints post. But illustrations with motivational words/phrases I find a great booster.

Pictures - Real life memories of the most precious moments and exciting adventures!

Plants - We're big plant fans in this house, they add so much life! However, I suck at keeping them alive. So, Cacti and succulents will be scattering my desk - they have the best chance of survival. 

New Stationary - I've always been a massive sucker for stationary - especially when I was at school. Pencils, note books and all pretty things in-between.

Wall Calender - Too keep the momentum going and keep things on track. I work visually, so if I can see it written on paper, it will happen! Plus, any excuse to by a pretty sweet calender - Rifle Paper Co usually have things covered.

I'm super excited to get started, I may already be storage searching. (you know I am!) Obviously, pictures to follow once complete - eek! Time to get shit done.

Tell me, what inspires you when sat at your desk?


Thursday, 18 December 2014

The Christmas Bake: Cinnamon Buns (Yeast Free!)

Can you tell I love my grub at Christmas? Well, the whole year round, actually. But I'm content in that fact I'm positive I'm not the only one guilty of over-indulging at Christmas. So with that, let me tempt you with the second food post of this week! Things got unbelievably messy in my kitchen (I'm not a natural baker, but I try) with these Cinnamon Buns, but the recipe is in fact super simple and contains no yeast. Ain't nobody got time to wait for things to prove...If you're me.

Prep time: 30 Minutes (depending. I took my sweet time)
Cook time: 20-25 Minutes
Tin: 9x9"

(The recipe I followed was American measurements, but you can convert them over via GOOGLE)


4 Tbsp Butter
1cup Brown Sugar
3 tsp Ground Cinnamon


2cup Plain Flour
2 Tbsp Sugar
4 tsp Baking Powder
1 tsp Salt
3 Tbsp Softened Butter
3/4cup Milk


129g Icing Sugar
1 Tbsp Warm Water


1/ For the filling. Combine the softened butter, brown sugar and ground cinnamon in a small bowl. Spread half of the mixture over the base of your tin.

2/ For the dough. Mix together the flour, sugar, baking powder and salt in a large bowl. Cut in softened butter and stir in the milk to form the soft dough.

3/ Roll the dough out on a little floured surface - you know the drill. Roll to 1/4" in thickness.

4/ Spread the remainder of the cinnamon filling across the dough and roll. Then cut into pieces. You should get from 12-18 depenedning on size. I got 9 - due to a mishap in cinnamon spreading and only covering half the dough - doh!

5/ Place the rolls in your 9x9" tin and bake at gas mark 6 for around 20-25 minutes.

6/ Mix up your glaze. Add 129g of icing sugar in a bowl (preferably through a sieve, but I didn't have one and it went just a smooth) and add 1Tbsp of warm water. Add more/less water depending on the thickness you're after!

7/ Once the rolls are ready and slightly cooled, drizzle over your glaze (In my case, take a few photos) and then tuck in! They're at their gooiest when served warm.

There you have it! A simple YEAST FREE recipe to delicious and gooey cinnamon buns! Let me know if you like these kinds of post and I'll whip up some more! Goodness knows, I could do with the practise...

Sunday, 14 December 2014

5 Tips For Tackling Christmas Dinner


For the past 22 years, even since moving from home, on Christmas morning I've woken up bleary eyed from a restless nights sleep and I've spent the festivities opening presents, eating too much and watching the Christmas soap specials back home. This year, the same routine is inevitable, but my boyfriend Adam and I are going solo and having our own Christmas celebrations in our new home - and I can't wait! Spending the day in our pyjamas and making memories of our first Christmas spent just the two of us.

SO, of course this means I won't have the joy of having Christmas dinner with all the trimmings magically turn up on a plate in front of me - shoutout to my mother - and I'm having to tackle the feast myself. (The thought of asking my mum to deliver did cross my mind, not going to lie) But, I'm going to give it a crack - from scratch. Are you in the same gravy boat as me? (I'm so sorry - that gravy pun. pitiful.) Whether you're cooking for the whole family, or just a few - we all like to pack it away! So here's a few tips that I'll be using to stop myself being snowed under:

Lists are your friend.
You know me, I love a good list. I truly believe that everything will become a bit clearer once it's on paper. Jot down your time schedule, what food needs thawing, preparing etc. Save the last minute supermarket dash.

Menu - plan ahead.
In the form of another list - a menu. It's easy to see what you already got in your cupboards, and what you need to add to the grocery list. Tick off as you go! ... Man, I'm drooling just thinking about all this food.

Prep it.
If it can be prepared, prepare it. This way, there is less to do for the big event and a little less time can be spent slaving away over the stove.

Don't get fancy.
Now, I'm no Nigella, but if you fancy yourself as a bit of a masterchef - now is not the time to experiment. Unless a few practise runs have been thrown around, I'm not going to be mixing up any last minute concoctions. 

Tidy as you go.
A mountain of dishes, pots and pans is enough to make anyone's heart sink. Don't leave it until boxing day morning - have a tidy as you go along. (Thanks in advance, Adam ;))

Most importantly - Wear the elasticated pants, share the festive spirit and get merry!!


Thursday, 11 December 2014

Achieving A Winter Glow With TheBalm


If you had a read of my Some Sunday Beauty Schooling post, then you'll know after testing out a few bits from TheBalm, 2 products ended up in my FeelUnique shopping basket the next morning - a hazy  'just woke up and saw 15% off online, I'll make the most of this' purchase. Not usually products that make it into my routine - I'm all about that 5 minute no fuss make up - but in the spirit of 'branching out', a new bronzer and highlighter are this weeks hot topic! 

WOW. I could easily finish this description at that one word, just look at it. I'm sure you've all heard of lovely Mary-Lou, but for those of you that haven't, this product is a multi purpose highlight and it's bloody amazing. Attractively glistening in the pan, you can apply as a highlight, dabbed on the inner corners of the eye, all over the lid, along your brow arch - Oh, the possibilities. A little heads up, less is definitely more with this product. A light dusting across the cheeks has noticeably added life into my complexion! Especially this time of year, when things are starting to look a bit dull. I'm living life on a Mary-Lou Minizer high...

As a lady with an olive toned complexion I've never considered bronzer a step in my routine that was necessary, I've tried a couple different samples in the past - shout out to Chanel Tan De Soleil - but with the 15% code excitement, this got chucked in the bag too. The product looks a bit daunting in the pan, quite cold in colour as it doesn't hold any bronze undertones, but it looks a lot less scary when applied. Maybe not a product for the fairer skinned of ladies or if you're after an all over bronze, but for my skin tone a light application adds a little bit of depth to my face shape (like a very weak contour) - I'm learning how to sculpt the cheekbones that live somewhere underneath my packed out cheeks! I'm not sure how I've made it this far without a bronzer in my routine.

...TheBalm, You're awesome.


Sunday, 7 December 2014

3 Ways To Wear: The COS Lightweight Backpack

If any of you managed to catch my post a couple of weeks back - The One Where It Was My Birthday - you will witnessed this COS bag make a little first outing whilst having a bit of a birthday spend, as you do! Gifted to me by my lovely boyfriend, Adam, this bag is just what I've been after and has more than one way to wear. Allow me to elaborate...

1 - Hand Held:
Like a shopper bag, I like to tote this bag around when out running errands.

2 - Over The Shoulder:
My usual preference when carrying this bag. Even though this bag is light in weight and a thinner technical fabric than the other bags I own, the straps are very strong so no need to worry about packing in all the completely unnecessary bits us ladies lug about!  #girlproblems

3 - BackPack:
Now, the awesome thing about this bag - it has extra straps! I love a good multi-functional item and if you tuck in the hand held handles (wow, that's a mouthful), clasp together with the magnetic plates, rather than the usual zip lock, and extend the straps - you've got yourself a backpack! There is also a drawstring to keep things extra secure, which I didn't photograph - doh!

Maybe not the perfect bag to wear out into the rain, I'm not sure how water proof it may be, but I'm sure with the unpredictable British weather as it is I'll know soon enough...

Have you managed to get your hands on this COS bag? Let me know your thoughts!

Wear It:
Bag / COS  Jeans / Topshop  Shoes / Topshop


Thursday, 4 December 2014

Giftguide: Gifts For HIM

The Traveller:

Herblester City Guides. The Herblester site is full of colourfully illustrated city guides with their own take on travelling. Showcasing different angles of each city with whimsical title pages for only £4 a guide. (There's even a New York burger map?!) Pick and choose what you want from each city!

Molskine Journals. It's great to document trips as you go along and write down all them recommendations from the lovely locals, map out route plans and note down dates of travel. General musings. Molskine journals are excellent quality and a great personal gift if the receiver is a list maker, like my boyfriend. I even have one on the go myself! They even come in pocket size. Convenient, huh?

GoPro. Now this is a fun one. GoPro's are bloody great. Men love their gadgets, and recording your experiences through video is really awesome! They're so low maintenance and with such a small sizing, you can just clip it on and off you go. If Adam got this gift, lets just say he'd have to keep a tight hold on it... 

Burts Bee's Hand Salve. Day to day travelling and activities can take their thole on hands, and sometimes they need a little something extra. This Burt's Bees is a mix of oils and beeswax that treat hard working hands and is the cure for dry and rough patches, a little extra protection. My boyfriend slathers his hands in this for the winter months. 

The Creative:

Magma Sketchbooks. These sketches make the greatest gifts as they are specifically suited for designers, illustrators, or anyone in the creative or visual industry. There are many different selections available, and I recently bought my boyfriend Design & Art Direction. It's broken down sections of graph, lined, and plain paper, as well as having a section at the back with body measurements, paper folding, printing methods etc. 

Rotring Tikky Graphic Pens. An artist needs their tools and a set of new Rotrings pens is a really personal and well thought gift. The pens can be bought separately, but as the nib's come in different thickness's to suit the needs of the artist, its a great option to buy a set of varied sizes. 

It's Nice That 2014 Annual. is an online magazine, championing all areas of art & design. This years annual showcases the creative minds that have graced their site over this past year! The best of the 130 projects of photography, illustration and everything to hit the design scene.

Pantone Coffee Mug. If you have a professional creative in your life, you'll be familiar with the dreaded deadlines, you might also be familiar with endless Adobe based jargon...Keep the coffee flowing in a Pantone Mug in their favourite gradient of colour!

The Foodie:

Yotam Ottolenghi - Plenty More. A good cookbook is the way to any true foodies heart, and with 150 vegetable based dishes, this is one for the kitchen experimenter! Focusing on cooking methods, the range of recipes are certainly fruitful and plenty.

Gin Making Kit. A Christmas never goes by without a little festive cheer, and the odd tipple or two! With this gin making kit you can craft the taste of your drink to your pallet preference and the box contains everything you need to get started... even the vodka! Yes, that's right. Vodka makes gin?? Go figure.

Chopping Board and Knives Set. I may steal this one for myself! (Don't worry, I'm not a crazy knife lady) A quality set of knives will last years, and may even encourage the least interested in cooking to get chopping! Speaking of which, The colour coded boards are great for knowing what to chop on which so you don't end up cutting veg on the raw meat board. Save the salmonella...

Recipe Book. Another Moleskin entry to the gift guide! All the amazing recipes that the man in your life has whipped up in the kitchen? They should definitely be noted. 

Let me know if you're gifting anyone the bits from this post in the comments below!

More gift ideas?
Checkout last weeks Gift Guide For HER!


Sunday, 30 November 2014

The Blogger Event: Some Sunday Beauty Schooling


This week I had the awesome opportunity to attend a blogging event at my local pub, The Birdcage, to meet and support some of the lovely beauty blogging ladies of Norwich, as well as local businesses, and it was awesome! (Little mention to Siobhan from The Unexpected Geek and Justine Pendrill - lovely to meet you girls!) The event was held by beauty mavens Flamingo Amy and Love Moi Makeup and the lovely ladies have teamed up to create 'The Sunday Beauty School' - A place to teach their tricks of the trade! We're talking classes in Hair, Makeup - the works - great for a not-so clued up beauty trier, like myself. I was lucky enough to get a front row seat for a night of all things retro...


First up - Hair. Amy ,who's known under the name 'Flamingo Amy' and is usually set up at Flint hairdressers in Norwich,took to the stage to style up some victory rolls. As a lady who loves a bit of texturising spray and to be done with it, I really enjoyed watching Amy get to work on something beyond my abilities! Amy nipped, tucked and pinned, like there was no tomorrow and created the perfect 40's up do.

Moving on to make-up with, Emily from Love Moi Makeup, we were all treated to a modern twist of a classic pin-up look with a bit of glitter thrown in for good measure! Tis the season and all that. The bold red lip with a touch of sparkle looked beautiful on our model, but I was all about the highlighter. With samples provided by TheBalm, I was all over the Cindy-Lou Minizer! I may have even purchased it the next morning... I definitely did.

Of-course, no look is complete without the perfect outfit and to provide that for us, were local business Vanilla. Styled head to toe with pieces from their store, the look was complete!


A little bit of mingling, awesome food provided by She Blends, and a lap around the room later - I had had my own mini-makeover. Amy kindly styled my hair into a 30's red carpet worthy barnet (Which I shall be trying to re-create myself - fingers crossed) and I had my first ever manicure by Betty's Beauty - and it's still going strong! I chose a slate colour that is almost blue, but kind of grey and I love that! An Almost there, but not quite, shade. (Instagram picture to come!)

With a goody-bag-to-go, what more could a girl want? A bloom'in great blogger event, with the best beauty babes.

Find Them:

Thursday, 27 November 2014

The One Where It Was My Birthday


You know how Monday is known as one of them days that people like to let pass by? Well, this past Monday I wasn't going to let pass by without spirit as it was my birthday! *Cheers to self* I'm not one of the quiet ones when it comes to birthdays and I chat about it for days prior to the actual event, I'm still like a big kid and get too excited at the prospect of cute gifts and plenty of birthday cake! So, just imagine the excitement levels at Christmas...

I was super pleased that the sun made an appearance as days previous had been all kinds of miserable, so of course the camera came with me... 


It's no secret that I'm an Autumn lover, and this little dug out spot near my house was an awesome backdrop for some outfit snaps - I kept things casual and comfy for a day with lots of adventuring - and time to appreciate the last of the leaves littering the floor. Soon this'll all be gone and the harsh winter will hit us! 

Birthday celebrations continued towards the shops for a little spending (I'm so lucky my boyfriend, Adam, puts up with me trawling him around the city!) and a sweet stop off for more cake and a super indulgent hot chocolate as the sun went down...

Wear It:
Glasses / Tony & Guy  Coat / Mango (old)  'Feminine' Top / Whistles  Jeans / Topshop  Trainers / New Balance  Scarf / Barbour  Tote / COS (More on this bag soon, but the navy seems to be out of stock online - boo!) 


Sunday, 23 November 2014

Giftguide: Gifts For HER

The Beauty Junkie:

Origins Skincare Giftsets. I'm a huge fan of the whole Origins brand, especially their travel size products, and every year they release a line of Christmas gifting appropriate sets which are seriously a bang for your buck. Made for every skin situation, I've got my eye on their Dr Weil Mega Mushroom range. £60 for the set, opposed to that for the serum?! I'm all in.

The Body Shop Glazed Apple Tin Of Treasures. A Christmas, for me, can't pass without some goodies from The Body Shop - All in favour? Every year I bring out their Cranberry body butter but this years launch - Glazed Apple. This tin is an awesome chance to try products from the range! Perfect for the lady who loves a good pamper!

Bobbi Brown Warm Glow Eye Palette. Any high end product, for me, is such a luxury to own, and Bobbi Browns eye palettes always catch my eye. This warm toned palette houses 9 shades, all with rose gold, bronze and metallic shimmers. Perfect for the party season and such a treat for any lady to find under the tree. 

Allure Magazine Subscription. Allure magazine, also known as the beauty bible. Filled with make-up tips and tricks, endless glamour and amazing cover girls, this is the perfect gift for any makeup maven. You'll be on Santa's nice list. Also, did I mention it's buy one subscription, get one free for the holidays? A little treat to yo'self?! I think so.

The Fashion Lover:

Leandra Medine, The Man Repeller. Every girl has heard about this book. An awesome read that I'm sure all us ladies can relate to in one way or another! Filled with hilarious anecdotes about Leandra and her ability to repel men with her outlandish dressing. A book for your inner trend setter.

The Sartorialist. One of my first posts on Eternal Sunday was a post on the brilliant Sartorialist books. The anthologies are shot in a street style format and place the subjects on their city streets and showcase style around the globe. An awesome set of books for style obsessives and photographers, likewise.

LuLu Guiness Lily Tote. LuLu's designs are quirky, super stylish, and a statement in any wardrobe! This tote will add glamour to any gals shopping spree, and the iconic design of a classic red lip will stand out in the crowds.

Vivienne Westwood Necklace. Is it every girls dream to own a Vivienne Westwood piece? I think so. The orb and satellite pendant is super delicate and feminine, yet still holds Viv 's punk edge. Jewellery is the ultimate Christmas treat and she may not be cheap, but boy she's pretty...

The Jet Setter:

Eat Well, Travel Often. Prints and Illustrations are fun ways to display your love for certain hobbies or adventures around your house. This print is a great mantra to have hanging on the wall and can instantly bring back memories for those who love to travel.

36 Hours Travel Guides. I couldn't travel anywhere without a trusty guide in hand. The 36 Hours books aren't pocket sized, that's for sure, but they're great for looking up the essentials before a trip, or if you need help choosing a destination. Whether it's Europe, or as far as the USA, they're super handy for immersing yourself in city, the culture and experience the best hot spots to eat, drink and stop off for site seeing. 

ThisWorks Dream Team. For flyers who are a little nervous, or if things get a little turbulent, it's great to have something that soothes you on hand. This little roller-ball from ThisWorks is a great companion to ease or de-stress during flight. Plus the miniature pillow spray will send you off into slumber on your travels! (Nothing beats your own bed!) Just take a whiff of the natural lavender remedy and you'll be rescued. 

Passport Holder. Constantly having to have your passport to hand, means you may as well jazz things up a little! Rummaging for a boring burgandy passport during check-in? We've all done it. Make things easier, and far more stylish, with this London Buses print! Thinking of home, whilst away.

Next week: Gifts for HIM! Just call me Santa's little helper...


Sunday, 9 November 2014

Home Interiors: Picking Up Prints!

Our house is seriously lacking in the way of visuals. We've got the furniture down, but we've got a lot of blank white walls up in here! Since Adam is an illustrator, you'd think we'd be inundated with prints? But it's kind of been last on our 'to do' list. (Save the best until last - right?) and it just so happens that my social media feed has been overflowing with enviable interiors of late, and with my crazy scrolling I have found a few great websites that have an awesome selection of printed treats! Check the bottom of this post for all of my printed picks mentioned in this post. They've probably already made their way to my checkout as I type...

I first spotted the pineapple print from Society6 on display in the lovely Kate from gh0stparties Living Room Tour (side note - major love for your living room, Kate!) and instantly started trawling the site. Get this - I don't even like pineapple. Go figure. But, there was something about that faded pineapple that just said 'yes!'. I'm a lover of the simple prints in life and the crazy cat lady in me needs one of the many Cat prints my little eye spotted!

This cute store has surface print design all over the shop - get it?. Cards, gift wrap, stationary (oh - the stationary!) and the wall art is ah-may-zing. All very colourful in colour, feminine and fun in design, with a bunch of botanical influences, it's easy to get carried away with your spending. (This is more of a note to myself - naughty!) A lot of the illustrations are whimsical and uplifting, great vibes to have around your workspace!
Anthony Burrill
Words and communication is the main focus of Anthony's prints. The clean cut design of the text is bold and effective - mostly black and white - his works are a great pieces to own because by default, they will always fit into any interior - having a redecorate is no issue here! Anthony's 'Work Hard & Be Nice To People' print is a favourite of mine and one on my shopping list for sure. I hope we don't all need a reminder to be kind to people, but it's a great mantra hanging around in the house, if you ask me.

My first ever purchase from Jesi's adorable Etsy Shop was a wooden necklace with a tooth illustration on the front and the caption 'Sweet Tooth'. It had me written all over it. Since then I've been hooked on her awesome illustrations and cutesy captions! Such as 'To gnome you is to love you' and 'Treat Yo'self',  delicately hand-painted on to wooden slabs (For want of a better word!) and wooden sheets, Jesi offers custom made designs via request and if you follow her instagram - bonus snaps of her ridiculously cute cat, digby - you can check out her little works in the making as well as a heads up on new pieces to hit the shop! You wouldn't want to miss out...

My Printed Picks:
Black Cat / Society6  Pineapple / Society6  Scissors / RifelPaperCo  IT'S OK / Etsy  
Work Hard / Anthony Burrill  Treat Yo' Self / Jesiiii
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